Kowloon is one of the most amazing places you can visit in Hong Kong. It is so popular that it is already synonymous to Hong Kong. You can’t leave the city without visiting this district. While you’re there, here are some of the places that are worth visiting.

Tsim Sha Tsui

It is popular ocean terminal where you can find exclusive boutiques for shoes, bags and jewelry. You can also find traditional Chinese medicines. After shopping, you can just sit around to watch ferries depart.

Nathan Road

This is considered as the golden mile of Kowloon. It has luxury hotels, lots of food shops, stalls and fake watches. You can also find affordable electronic devices. If you wish to stay away from the bustling noise in the city, head to Kowloon Park and take a rest for a while.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

This is a place where you can find people who make future predictions. You can also make a wish on the Good Wish Gardens. There is a unique way of making a wish that you need to learn. The temple complex is quite big though so you need to know your way around.

Yau Ma Tei

This is another shopping district where you can find typical Chinese products. You can also find affordable markets where you can buy clothes and other souvenirs to take home. You will also be amazed with the small restaurants lining up. You will literally get confused on where to go first.

Jade Market

For a place that has over 400 shop owners, it is totally stunning. From earrings to animal toys and Chinese good luck souvenirs, you can find almost everything in this market. You just have to be careful though as there are stores selling fake items as authentic. The best time to go there is during the morning when it is possible to haggle and get huge discounts.

Let this be a hassle-free trip

Even if this is a good area in Hong Kong, you have to understand that it can get too crowded at times. During the summer, it can be too hot. Moving from one area to another is also difficult. Even if it is a small place, you might still have to get a taxi just to bring you to a different location.

Instead of doing it this way, why don’t you get a coach bus hire Kowloon? This makes it easier for you. Once you are done, you hop inside the vehicle and move to the next place. This is perfect if you are with a large group. There is a driver who will bring you to places so you can just concentrate on shopping. It is also easy for you to just sleep and relax while you are waiting to arrive to the next destination. Rest assured, you will have a driver who knows his way around the area or even in other districts in Hong Kong should you decide to go there later. Everyone in the group can have a stress-free shopping in Kowloon. Ask for help from Limoscanner now.…/231-coach-bus-hire-kowloon-ma…/


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