Private van for hire in Tagbilaran, Bohol

Hire a car or van for Bohol country tour with many choices and lowest prices

Bohol is popular for the Chocolate Hills. These are series of hills that are dark brown in color, hence the name. It is also home to the tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates. Heading to Bohol would require you to have a ferry trip from the closest city, usually Cebu or Iloilo.


Reaching Bohol might be a challenge, but it can be comfortable once you have arrived. This is true if you have rented a private car its either with a group of friends or with a relatives the Toyota Hiace Van can take you wherever destinations you may go especially with a driver.


This is perfect considering that using local transportation in Bohol could be a challenge. You might have also not been to Bohol before. Even if you do, it could still be tricky finding the right transportation to bring you to your destination.


If you are planning to go to Chocolate Hills for instance, you might be surprised that there are locals taking advantage of the site’s popularity. They will bring you there but at a very high cost. With a private car that you have rented in advance, you no longer have to worry about the price which you can afford for PHP1,800/day. You have already paid for the rent along with the driver’s fee in advance. You just have to pay for the gas during the trip. Throughout the days when you have rented the vehicle and the driver’s service, it is up to you where you are heading and how long you have to spend in one place.


Price is not an issue


If you partner with us at Limoscanner, you won’t have to worry about the price. This is one of the things people worry about. There are a lot of vehicles for you to choose from. You can go for a smaller car if you are traveling alone or with another person. We also have vans and larger vehicles if you are traveling in groups and if you have worries getting in a van from the Airport we’re ready to pick you up once you’ve arrive in the Airport the Mitsubishi Adventure 2016 SUV can accommodate you for PHP600/trip.

We may also provide promotions to loyal customers and those who are renting our vehicles for several days.


Book now


If you are interested in getting our service, go ahead and partner with us now. Fill out the forms online and let us know when you need the service and for how many days. You will then be informed of the price. Once you have confirmed it, you have to pay the cost in advance and your local transportation is reserved.


On the day of the trip, you will just wait for the service at your preferred pick up point. You can go straight to your hotel or go ahead with the first place on your itinerary. You have already paid for this service so you have nothing to worry about.

We also offer services in other key areas in the Philippines. If you are traveling to Cebu or Manila after your trip to Bohol, you may also partner with us. We have reliable drivers who will ensure your safety throughout the trip. You will be comfortable when you avail of our service.