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A Dream Limousine is located in the heart of the city Jacksonville, Florida to service clients with whatever limo service they need: airport transfers, tours of the city, parties, weddings and many other special occasions.

If you happen to live in Jacksonville, Florida or planning to go there on vacation or a business trip, there is nothing more satisfying than going around the city in a limousine, chauffeured by a friendly and professional limo driver to get you where you need to be on the dot. A Dream Limousine is located in the heart of the city to service clients with whatever limo service they need: airport transfers, tours of the city, parties, weddings and many other special occasions, or even just an ordinary ride made extraordinary by one of their elegant limousines.


Brand New Fleet of Limousines



A Dream Limousine has a fleet of almost all brand new limousines with very low mileages. As all vehicles presented at limoscanner.com it is intended to better serve clients and make them feel comfortable and luxurious throughout their ride.  TheDenali SUV limousine is the company’s newest addition their fleet, which is the only one in the whole city of Jacksonville. Their limousine service can take you around Jacksonville and other surrounding cities such as Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and many others.

A Limousine for Every Occasion

You don’t need a special occasion to ride a luxurious limousine. If you fancy a ride to work in a limousine, you can certainly do so, but if you are celebrating a milestone such as a birthday, wedding proposal or prom, let A Dream Limousine take you to your destination. You can arrange for food and drinks to be served in the limo to while away the time with your friends and family and so that you can enjoy the experience fully.

With limoscanner.com you can be assured that all our vendors provide you with extra high quality services such as  birthday, wedding proposal or prom packages.

The company’s newest limousine, the Denali SUV limo can accommodate up to 20 passengers, which is perfect for group outings such as proms, graduations, concerts and birthday parties. It will take you and your group on a ride around the city while you party the night away on board the limo, with food and drinks to keep you full.

Business trips are also made elegant and more comfortable with any of the limos in the company’s fleet. Visiting Jacksonville and nearby cities for business does not need to be a hassle from the airport, to the hotel, to your business meeting. A driver will arrive on your hotel on the dot, extending the best limo service you can ever look for. The company’s drivers are knowledgeable on the city’s traffic situation and which roads to best take to avoid getting stuck and traffic and making you late for your business appointment.

The company owns all of the limousines that they use for their varying services. Rates depend on several factors such as the type of limousine the client chose, the number of hours the limo will be used, among other things. Clients can reserve and book limo services online, and can rest assured that a driver will be there on the date and time itself. Should you require more time than the agreed number of hours to use the service, as long as there is no succeeding booking on the same limousine, the driver can accommodate your request, and the succeeding hours will be billed accordingly.



Spotting Scams in Hiring a Limo Service

Although the Internet is a great source of information, not everything you see and read is true. A lot of people use the Internet with the ill intent of scamming people out of their money and resources for their own good. This rings true in marketing ploys of companies to dupe potential clients without offering legitimate products and services.

The limo industry is not immune to such scams. There are ‘legit’ limo companies that entice clients to hire their ‘services’ but the clients end up being scammed out of their hard earned money. If you are one of many who rely on limo services for special occasions and business trips, there are ways you can do to avoid being scammed.

The best way to find information about particular limo company is to read limo reviews from its customers. However, there are two problems with that. First, reviews of limousine companies are scattered all over dozens of websites, like Yelp, Tripadvisor, YelloPages (YP) and even wedding wire and TheKnot.com and so on and so on. On limoscanner.com we combine all the customer reviewes of particular limo company in one place. This way, you can get the objective point of view, even if the limo company will try to hide negative reviews.

Second, some positive reviews are left by request of the limo companies’ management or negative reviews by competitors. By being able to compare reviews from different sources, you can separate real reviews from fake ones.

Do a Fact Check

Because the Internet is where you can get the most information, be they true or not, exhaust your resources in fact checking the limo company you are aiming to hire. The first thing to look at is the website. Does it have its own domain or is it a hosted website. Most, if not all, legit limo companies have their own domain names, usually the company’s name. If the site is hosted, it can be a red flag. Another thing to check is the address provided. Use Google maps to look for the address. The Street View feature is a great way of checking the company’s address. You will see if there really is a fleet of cars on the garage, or if it is just a vacant lot. If you live nearby, you can also drive by the address to see for yourself. There are also limousine associations for legitimate companies such as limoscanner.com. You can check it and see if your intended company is a member or otherwise.

Also, limoscanner.com will display the actual photos of the vehicles that are owned by the limousine companies. The generic and fake pictures will be deleted or blocked by our moderators.

Avoid limo scams on limoscanner


If the Offer’s too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Limo companies offer discounts and special rates to Internet users to entice them to hire their services. These discounts and promos are a good marketing ploy, but if the offers are too good to be true, they probably are. Be wary of very big discounts that appear like the company will no longer profit from the services; they may be scams to get you to pay for the reservation and then run with your money. A discount of 5% to 10% on the services is realistic; more than that and you have to evaluate if the offer is legit or otherwise.

Our state-of-the-art intuitive quote request system allows only verified and trusted vendors to submit the the bid for the specific vehicle with the actual photos.

We go an extra mile to provide our visitors with only verified and trusted vendors. Only limo companies with perfect reputation will receive our limoscanner approval Check mark. Such companies as Luxor Limo – NYC in New York. Or Commonwealth Limo Service in Boston.

Booking a limo service online will save you a lot of hassle. You won’t have to go out of the house to book a service. But if you can and if possible, try to go to a physical office to get a service reserved or booked. This way you can be sure that the company won’t run away with your money. And check the fleet of vehicles on their garage; if their website is full of brand new and modern vehicles and the photos look like they are lifted from stock photo websites, run and never look back. It pays to be aware of the services that you are booking to avoid being scammed.

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