It’s Prom season again and you as a parent would want to make the occasion perfect for your kids. You definitely want them to have fun as much as possible, but you are also weighed down with your concerns about their safety.

First, you will to think of who will be your designated driver for that night. Your kid may be adult enough to drive. But thinking about the after party when everyone gets drunk and rowdy, it might not be safe to let your kid handle the wheel of the car. You may volunteer to drive for them, but it sure is awkward for some teenagers to tag their parents along. Besides, you might not even be available for that night. If you don’t even have a car, that will be another problem.

Hiring a prom night limo is the best solution to all your problems. You can book a reservation with reliable rental companies like Brisbane Limousines. They can provide you a full stretch limo with a professional driver who can pick up the kids, take them to the venue and bring them back home safely.

There are a lot of benefits in limousine hire on Prom night. You can choose from an array of imos that will make your kid’s arrival at the venue a very impressive sight. The kids will feel like a celebrity once they go down from the limo. The limos are well maintained and their selections are the latest models of the millennia. You won’t worry about the vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road en route to the Prom venue. Their vehicles are fully insured so you don’t have any worries at all in case of an accident.

Plus, their drivers are fully licensed, professional and underwent a strict vetting system. You won’t have to worry about a drunk driver behind the wheel. You won’t even have to worry about parking unlike when you allow your son to drive your own car. The drivers come in a professional uniform so the kids will feel like they are treated as royalty for the night. The driver will wait for them the whole night to ensure their safety on the trip back home.

Since there is so much space in the limo, you can have it arranged for your kid’s friends to share the ride as well. You can have them gather in one house for a single pick-up or pick them up at their designated locations. They will be brought home safely at your house or at their homes.

All the kids need to do is relax at the back of the limousine rental, have some fun, goof around and enjoy the ride. They will truly appreciate your decision to hire a limo with a driver for them on Prom night. This will make Prom night truly memorable, with the comforts of a limo and the feeling of being celebrities even for just one night by booking with Limoso Australia.



Halloween parties are some of the biggest parties of the year, and people do go to great lengths to throw in the scariest, coolest and most memorable bashes. This year, if you want to break the mold of the same old Halloween parties you’ve attended the last couple of years, you can raise the bar in the party scene and make your venue a party bus!

Boston Limousine can take care of your limo party bus needs and offer you and your friends a safe, personalized, impressive and most of all FUN Halloween!

No Longer Just for Kids

Halloween has stopped being an event that’s only for kids. During the day, these young revellers may be seen going around and collecting candy, but their merry making stops once it gets dark. That’s where the fun begins for adults. While kids feast on their loot of candy and chocolates, the adults start and dress up in their scary and wacky costumes as well. There’s one party after another, and it’s often a difficult decision which one to go to first – or if you can swing by and visit them all.

For organizers, it’s becoming more and more challenging to think of a truly unique and awesome party theme. The scary and ghoulish costumes are a given, and the décor can vary from crypt to mortuary to Hogwarts or Star Wars. It really all depends on what strikes the fancy of the people organizing the party as well as what the guests prefer.

When it comes to food and beverages, party organizers have already come up with some of the most creative Halloween food fare.

The only thing that’s left is to take all these preparations – décor, food, drinks, and your guests to a limo party bus for a night of awesome fun. The limo rental can be customized to your liking and you can also add special effects to make the theme more authentic. You just need to coordinate with Platinum Elite Limousine Services ahead of time and tell them what you need as well as when you need it.

Naturally, limo buses get booked a lot during this season; so it’s important to plan early so you can book the party bus that you want ahead of schedule. You can choose from different models and find a rental party bus that will suit your preference and style. For example, if you want one that has a pole for dancing, you won’t find that difficult to find.

Impress Your Friends and Keep Them Safe

Party limos maintain a high level of safety and customer satisfaction because they’re a premium service. Limoscanner has been around for years and prides itself in keeping their customers happy and safe all the time. The party buses and other limo rental cars in their fleet are clean, well-maintained, new, and road-worthy. The drivers are professional, pleasant, and always respectful to all the clients and their guests. They’re also very trustworthy and take great care to meet their clients’ requests.

So if you’re planning to throw a party this Halloween, make sure you do it on a party bus! Call Limoscanner for inquiries and reservations.

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Every year on the first Monday of September, the whole United States of America celebrates Labor Day. This is a huge holiday for all Americans, who are well known as industrious and hard-workers. In honor of all American workers, their contributions and achievements, Labor Day is celebrated a day after a weekend. That is why everyone is looking forward to those three days off they call the “Labor Day Weekend”.

Americans usually celebrate their time-off by having a party or going on a long trip outside their home state. New York City is one of the locations that has a lot of tourists during this weekend.

New York City is a cosmopolitan city with a lot of modern buildings and tourist attractions. It has a lot of high-end shops and just in time for the Labor Day celebrations, these shops offer sales and discounts. This definitely attracts a lot of tourists and shoppers, both local and foreign. The discounts are ridiculously low that some travellers have shopping as their primary agenda.

If it is your first time in New York, you would want to visit all the shops and sites you want to see. But if you don’t know where to go, your trip might become a failure. The city is known for its notorious traffic and the difficulty in getting a cab. It’s either you walk for several blocks or take the bus to get to where you want to go.

A perfect solution to that is to book a limo on Labor Day NYC with Diamond Limo NY. If you are coming from another state or country, you will find it a great relief to have your car and driver already waiting for you at the airport. The driver is a uniformed, professional who underwent a strict vetting process. You can be assured that you are in safe hands. The car rental company has a unique system where they can monitor the arrival or cancellation of your flight. That is the reason why they are always on time.

The driver will help you with your luggage so you don’t have to worry about lining up or carrying heavy loads. He will bring you to your initial destination whether it’s a hotel or your designated accommodation. He could also take you around New York so you can enjoy the festivities of Labor Day. There are parades, picnics, fireworks displays, barbecues and other public gatherings with a really festive vibe. If you want to partake of the celebration, you must know the right places to go to.

It would be doubly hard to catch a taxi and some streets might be closed to traffic. By having your own driver you can navigate around these areas so you can get the best route to your destination. It is really convenient to have a car rental as your ride during Labor Day weekend, most especially in a busy city like New York. You will definitely enjoy the ride in comfort and style with NYC Private Limo.

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World’s Leading Wine is a series of business sourcing event where Award-winning wine producers around the globe can showcase their products to the country’s local wine importers. Hong Kong is one of the major cities in Asia where the World’s Leading Wine series is going to be held. The event will be held at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel on October 27,2017.
Going to such an important and prestigious event requires adequate preparations, and one of the things that you have to prepare for is your transportation going to the event venue. If you are a local distributor or importer participating in the business sourcing event, you may consider going to the event by hiring a private driver or a limousine rental service.
Hiring a limousine rental service from Tim Yiu Limousine Service Limited provides a convenient way of going from your hotel to the venue. You do not have to go through the struggle of using the public transportation, which could be unsafe and may take your travel longer. You do not have to transfer from one vehicle to another, which could save you energy. Hiring a private limousine service makes your trip stress-free and you can do a lot of other thins while travelling. You can focus on thinking about what you are looking for a potential wine company and what offers can you make to forge a good business partnership with wine producers. If you reside in Hong Kong and have a vehicle, you may still avail the limousine rental so you do not have to think about parking and you can go straight to the expo upon arrival.
Limousine service rental drivers are well-trained and are courteous compared to cab drivers, so you can have a pleasant and safe trip. They are likely to follow traffic regulations and they will always make sure that you arrive on the dot. You are very much in control of the car, so you can go out of your way if you need to. Their vehicles are also cleaner and more presentable compared to cabs. This would guarantee a more pleasant riding experience.
One of the main reasons for hiring a chauffeured limousine service going to the World’s Leading Wine in Hong Kong is to impress your future business partners. Immediately make an impact and a statement on how you enter the venue. You can also use the service if you want to pick up and impress potential business clients. In addition, the limousine experience may boost your confidence and overall state of mind when going to the event.
Parklane Limousine Service Ltd 百聯租車服務 offers the most reliable private car rentals in Hong Kong. You can avail private sedan to limousines. Our disciplined drivers would make sure that you reach your destination safely and on time. We also provide the best limousine experience that you can ever avail in Hong Kong. We want to be a part of your business success so go ahead and book a vehicle with us and arrive at the World’s Leading Wine with elegance and confidence.


A lot of people believe they could save a lot of money by creating their own tours. With the help of the internet, they can search for locations they would want to visit on their own. At some point, it would be economical but it is worth looking into the difference of what you will save against spending on an actual tour package.

When creating your own limousine wine tour, the most important thing is to have a designated driver. The appointed driver is someone who should not be included in the group when it comes to wine tasting. Sure, the driver might be coaxed to take a sip. The thing is, if you will be visiting at least 4 wineries, that one sip leads to more. If your driver cannot control his alcohol that could lead to serious consequences that in the end all, will make your DIY wine tour more costly than a self-guided tour.

Another thing is that you will have limited knowledge about the wineries you will be visiting. Truly, there is a lot of information on the internet that will provide you a list of wineries that seem attractive enough to include in your itinerary. However, these places look really good on the website but may turn out to be less than what you expected once you see them. If the location of the winery is not familiar to your driver, you may end up spending the entire day looking for that one special place.

Travel sites that offer wine tours like Barossa Valley Limo Wine Tours, do their own due diligence when they offer destinations for their tour packages. They want to ensure that their customers will be fully satisfied with the services they offer. That being said, the wineries they feature are fully researched and inspected before they even become their affiliates. Limousine wine tour packages companies like Fantasy Limousines also make sure that these wineries are fully accessible by providing a tour guide and a driver to take you to these places. They even offer winery locations you did not even come across when you are doing your own research.

It would be a lot more convenient to hire from a Hummer Limousines — 1800Hummer for a hummer limousine wine tour than attempting to do it on your own. Tour packages are upfront with the locations of the wineries, the activities that you can do and what these places offer. Tour packages also comes with a lot of perks like aside from wine tasting, it also comes with free dinner, free cheese tasting (to match the wine) or something exciting like a bike tour of the vineyard along with the package. You may want to consider booking with a travel company instead of planning a DIY wine tour. All you will need to do is book online, set the appointed date and time for pick-up and drop off. There are even tour companies that will allow you to customize your travel plans like choosing the wineries you want to visit along with the accommodations that come with it.


Cebu City is located in the southernmost part of the Philippines. It is called the “City of Smiles” because of the friendly nature of the people living there. It is considered the second city of the#Philippines, next to Manila. It is one of the busiest and most beautiful metropolis of the archipelago.

Cebu city is the location where the Spaniards first arrived in the islands. It is not surprising then that location is dominantly Catholic with its numerous churches dotting the area. Cebu is also popular for its natural scenic locations which includes its beaches and forests. There are parts of Cebu that are urbanized which is also a favorite destination of tourists for its modern comforts.

#Cebu is a big city that stretches out to the nearby beaches. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, it would be easy to get lost in Cebu. The Cebuanos would prefer to speak in the vernacular but they could speak fluent English as well. If you do not understand their language, then speaking in English will suffice since almost everyone can speak or understand it. It would be easy to ask for directions from a local, but getting to the prized destinations like the beach or Mactan Island, you will need more than just directions to get there.

It is better to hire your own car or van when travelling around Cebu city. The traffic situation has worsened over the years so it may take you a few hours to get to one point to another. Taxi drivers are honest and friendly but most of the vehicles run on a meter and the fare could get expensive if you decide to go outside the city limits. If you hire your own van or car, you get to travel with your own driver. He is fluent in both Cebuano and English language and knows the topography of the city by heart. He could give suggestions of sites in the city you may not have heard of but definitely worth visiting. If there is a particular place you want to see, he could get you there the best way possible. Reliable drivers like this is what you will meet when you rent a car or van from Cebu Easy Rent-A-Car.

You can book a reservation prior to your trip for airport transfers, day tours and tour packages with Skyblue Rent a car. Cebu also has one of the biggest international airports in the Philippines. You will find it a big relief once you arrive and you already have your car and driver waiting for you. The driver will take your luggage off your hands and assist you with your quick checkout from your airport. You can arrange to have the same driver take you around Cebu when you want to make a tour of the city. There are also car rental tour packages being offered together with free meals and accommodations. You will surely enjoy your trip to Cebu when you avail of these kinds of services.


Manila, the capital of the #Philippines, is the one of the most popular cities in the world. It is the location of the seat of government, the center of business and features several historic places significant in the history and development of the Philippines.

It is a very busy city and one of the things you will first notice is the traffic. For one, when you arrive in the Philippines, #Manila is the location of the major international airport of the country. This is the usual start off point foreign travellers take to get to the other exotic islands of the Philippines. Manila as the center of the entire region, is also the gateway to the other nearby cities.

Manila itself has a lot of tourist attractions. Traffic is an everyday occurrence with the volume of people, locals and visitors alike, coming in and out of the city. The streets are narrow and confusing. If you are not familiar with the cityscape, you will find yourself entering a one way street and facing a traffic violation.

These incidents should not prevent you from enjoying your stay in Manila. In order to fully see all the sights and not get lost, it would be better to rent a private car with a driver. There are several car rentals you can choose from but be careful with your selection.

Choose only a car rental company with a good reputation and a good track record like Avis Philippines – G&STC. There are also travel and tour companies that offer travel packages along with a car rental. It would be a good thing to do your research and see if the packages are worth the money you will be paying depending on the featured tourist attractions and the activities that go with it.

Car rental companies could be booked prior to your arrival. You just have to search the internet and find a suitable one that matches your itinerary. You can book for an airport transfer so that upon your arrival you already have a vehicle and driver waiting for you. Manila Airports are notorious for having long lines at the checkout. To help you with your luggage, the driver will assist you for its immediate transfer so you can easily go on your way.

Airport taxis in Manila are quite expensive and the rates vary depending on the destination. To spare you the agony of that experience, book your car rental ahead of time at a fixed rate. You can arrange for the pick-up and drop-off at your hotel, use the same company for the duration of your trip and have yourself brought back to the airport when it is time for your departure.

Filipino car rental drivers are very courteous. It is in their nature to be friendly and give you service over and above what you asked for. English is their second language so you won’t have any difficulty telling them where you want to go or even ask for assistance to get to places that you want to see.

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Australia has a lot of beautiful and scenic cities and one of them is Brisbane. This River City is filled with a lot of attractive tourist attractions that you should not miss to see once you arrive in this location. You have to make the most of your time especially if you are just staying for a few days or weeks. Instead of hiring a taxi once you get to the airport, why not instead have yourself picked up by one of the limousine services of Atlantic Limousine Transfers & Tours Australia. They offer the best services when you need to hire limousine in Brisbane.

There are 4 major airports in Brisbane and Atlantis Executive Limousinesservices them all. It doesn’t matter if you are arriving at Brisbane Domestic, the Sunshine Coast, #Brisbane International and #Coolangatta #airport. Once you book a reservation with them prior to your trip, you will find the #chauffeured car waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival. The limousines come with a professional and courteous driver who will be happy to help you with your luggage and travel plans.

The drivers wear complete uniforms and are highly qualified to navigate thru the busy streets and unfamiliar roads so you can sit back and relax while you recuperate from your flight. The limousines are so wide you can stretch your feet while watching DVD or having a drink while the rest of Brisbane flashes by the window.

With the help of the driver you can get the chance to see all the holiday spots and highlights of Brisbane. You can talk it over with the driver so he can determine the best routes to pass when he takes you there. The best places to see are the Brisbane museum, china town and Mt Cootha. Even if you are in Brisbane for business, do not miss the opportunity to relax and see some scenic places. The limousine service can take you to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens or Moreton bay. You may need to do some souvenir shopping so let the driver take you to the best shopping districts.

You can find the car rental services of Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast if you go online and book a reservation directly at their website. The driver will personally call you to get more details of your itinerary like when the time and date of your arrival is and where the pick-up location will be. The rental company has a system where they can keep track of your flight so they will know when you will arrive and if the flight got cancelled. Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast has a very flexible cancellation policy. You just have to inform them at least 15 days before the trip so you could get a refund.

Limoscanner is favoured by a lot of travellers because their limousines are notably clean and well maintained. Their rental policies are very customer friendly. The rental company aims to make your stay in Brisbane as safe and comfortable as possible so you will have a wonderful travel experience in Australia.



In United States of America, a great part of the population travel for many reasons. They often travel to different states for business purposes like they are attending a meeting or a corporate event like a convention. Americans also work very hard that is why when they take a vacation, they go all out. They will either spend weeks or days in a beach location like Florida or go skiing in states like Colorado. Or their trip is as simple as they are attending a concert or sporting event in another state.
Bottom line is most Americans love to travel. That is why they must have access to all the means of transportation. Hiring a city limo service is one of the most popular modes of transportation of American travelers.
Hiring a taxi or car rental like Limoscanner is a very practical choice when you do a lot of travelling. Some states may be too far to drive that you will have to take an airplane as a better option to get there. Once you arrive at the airport, you won’t have to stress yourself trying to catch a taxi. If you booked for a limo airport transfer, your rental vehicle will be waiting for you the minute you step on the tarmac. All you need to do is ride the vehicle and it will take you to your hotel or accommodation. If you pre-arranged with the car rental service, you can avail of their services for the duration of your visit. You can enjoy your trip, appreciate the scenery while have the luxury of having a driver at the wheel taking you to places you need to go.
If you are in town for a sporting event and you are travelling with the entire team, there are vehicle that are big enough so that everyone can fit. I would be more practical and cost efficient if you just hire the sport event limo. You and your teammates will be travelling in comfort and you will all be well rested and ready for the games. If you are a spectator, taking the limo to the games will make your trip more memorable. Not only will you be travelling in comfort, you will be moving around in style. Limo rentals have very impressive vehicles and you will catch everyone’s attention riding a limo once you arrive at the arena.
Another advantage Limoscanner offers is its accessibility and ease when it comes to the reservations. You just need to go online and search for their website and fill in the dates of your travel and destinations. Then you can choose from their wide selection of vehicles which one you prefer to use during your trip. You can arrange for them to pick you up at the airport when you arrive and drive you back on your return. Or you can hire the vehicle for the entire duration of your stay. You only pay for the full amount of their services when it is time for you to go back home.



Hong Kong is one of the major cities in Asia that is popular because of its many enticing tourist attractions. It is also popular for a lot of business opportunities. Yearly there are millions of tourists and businessmen flocking to Hong Kong that the traffic situation has worsened. #HongKong is one of the countries with the busiest streets.
If you are new in this country, the best way to get around is to hire a private limousine service at Jubilee Travel Zone. It is a better option than taking a taxi. First of all, hiring a taxi in Hong Kong is a challenge. The language barrier could be a problem since not all people in Hong Kong can speak fluent English. If you mispronounce the name of the place you are going to you might even end up being lost. Most of the streets and establishments have Chinese names. Unless you are fluent in their language and accent, giving instructions to a taxi driver will be a big problem. With the traffic in Hong Kong, you may end up paying more than what you expected in your taxi fare. This could cause more aggravation and stress instead of you enjoying your trip.
Hiring a rental like a private #limousine service will make your trip safe and pleasurable. A professional and courteous driver comes with the vehicle once you enlist for their service. LuxCars is one of the reliable car rental services that you can connect with if you need transportation services in Hong Kong. All you need to do is search for their website and book a reservation from them. When you get to the #airport in Hong Kong, your driver and #limousine will be waiting for you.
You can hire the limousine to pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your accommodation or hotel. You can also opt to hire their services for the entire time you are in Hong Kong. You don’t need to worry about getting lost or failing to arrive on time for your appointments when you have a personal driver on hand. Their drivers know the local language and are also adept in English so you won’t have any communication problems. Just tell them where you want to go and they will take you there the shortest and fastest way possible. Since they know the local streets like the back of their hands, you will surely arrive in your destination even if you mispronounce the name of the place in Chinese. There are checkpoints in Hong Kong, especially when you are planning to cross borders that are lenient with travellers in #chauffeured #limousines. There are scenic locations you may want to see that is at the fringes of the country. To get there you will have to cross borders and present some documentation at the checkpoint. If you are in a private limousine, the checkpoint will allow you to go thru with the least inconvenience.