If you wish to make this party a reality, you can hire us and we will make sure that you have the experience of a lifetime. We provide services in Sydney and in surrounding areas. Considering the quality of our limo services, you will definitely have a blast on your party.

You should also not worry about the rates for our services. We guarantee you that A1 Limousines Company can provide affordable rates. You can party at the limo and we can also bring you to another location for your party destination.

We have a fleet of high quality and luxurious limo for you to choose from. If you seal the deal now, we offer you free packages. This includes a bottle of champagne and a chauffeur. We also have a fog machine, disco lights and mirrored ceiling. It is like being in an actual party place while you are inside the limo. We even have multiple LCD screen and fibre optic lighting. Our limos also have spacious leather seats as well as tinted windows for your privacy. If you wish to reserve now, go ahead and visit them http://www.a1prestigelimousine.com.au

Other services

Aside from providing a great party, you can also contact us if you want to use the limo for other purposes. We have wedding limo services, formal school limo service, and services for other special events and even an airport transfer service. Again, you need not worry about the rates. You might have this notion that limo services are expensive. However, considering the number of fleet that we have and the number of people willing to hire us for our services, we guarantee you that our rates are affordable.

Nothing speaks louder at the wedding as a white Chysler 300C that any bride would dream about. And you can hire it separately or as a part of the Wedding package that includes Just Married sign and bottle of champaign and many other amenities, that you don’t want to think about.


Everyone will have fun

Whether you are traveling in small or big groups, you won’t have a problem if you partner with us. We also offer various amenities for you to enjoy. To top it all, you can always travel in elegance and sophistication once you hire us to do the job. The best part is that we always ensure the safety of our clients. We will make sure that you are brought back to your place safely once the party is over. We also have backup plans so that the limo will still keep going.

If you want to prove to your friends that you can organize a party like no other, this is your best time to prove it. With our limo party service, you will let them know that you just can’t organize a party, but you can make it totally unique. You will be commended for this effort for sure.

Limousine for Partying in Sydney

If you are having a bigger party, you can use a Mercedes Van that can fit 8 people confortably.


Other services

Aside from providing a great party, you can also contact us if you want to use the limo for other purposes. We have wedding limo services, formal school limo service, and services for other special events and even an airport transfer service. Again, you need not worry about the rates. You might have this notion that limo services are expensive. However, considering the number of fleet that we have and the number of people willing to hire us for our services, we guarantee you that our rates are affordable.


Turn Your Weddings From Tears Into Laughter With the Help Of A Limo Service


Weddings are always emotional. You can see people crying whether it is because of anger, jealousy, or pure love. There are times when the bride and groom are in tears not because of how much they love each other but because of how stressful the wedding preparations can be. They reach a point when they just want to call the wedding off or postpone it simply because there are a lot of details that are yet to be looked into.

On the day of the wedding, you have to make sure that it is going to be memorable in a positive way. There is nothing wrong in shedding tears here and there, but it should be tears of joy. The wedding day must be a celebration of love. It is a time when you have finally placed an exclamation point on your relationship and show to the world that you have found forever in each other. Therefore, during the wedding, you only deserve the best vehicle and that’s a limousine. A limousine where you can prepare yourself in all the possibilities your wedding day could bring you but with a package you can deal with and serves you with comfort  theres nothing worry about with Canberra Hire Cars they offer 3 hour chauffeur driven Trimmings 1 bottle sparkling wine Complimentary honeymoon transfer.

Don’t settle for anything less

You will only get married once in your life (fingers crossed). Therefore, you have to go all out in choosing the details of your wedding. Using a limo service is definitely one way to make it extra special. The good thing about using a limousine is that you will feel totally comfortable on the road. Canberra Hummer also offers you affordable packages for your wedding. You won’t worry about getting your dress crumpled or having to squeeze inside a really small vehicle. You will be comfortable from the place where you are to be picked up until the time that you’ve reached the venue of the wedding.

Celebrate this day with friends

You can make it even more special by using a huge limousine that can fit in all your special friends. Once the celebration is over, you can continue having fun on the road. Invite all your bridesmaids and groomsmen to continue sharing the day with you as you hit the road. You may also have drinks and snacks while traveling. You can also turn the music up and have fun like there is no tomorrow. Take note that this could be the last time when you can really spend hours with your friends like you have no other responsibilities. You will reach the point when you will have kids and you won’t have enough time to do the same thing again. While you still can, you have to make the most out of it.

You can check out http://wowlimos.com.au/ if you wish to book the best limo service. You deserve only the best. They will provide you with tons of options on luxurious vehicles that you want to book for your wedding. You can choose one depending on the number of people who will be with you on the limo and your budget. Again, don’t mind the cost if this is something that will turn your wedding into a day of tears to a day of laughter.


Feel Like A Princess On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day must be special. Sadly, this is not true in all cases. For most brides, it is a stressful day. They have to look good as they are the center of attention. They also have to fit in a dress so they need to lose weight prior to the wedding. It also means that they are grumpy on the wedding day. This is worsened by a compact wedding car that they have to use going to the church and wedding reception. If you are planning your wedding, it has to be perfect. All details must be taken care of. This includes the transportation service to be used. It might be a minor detail, but it can spell a huge difference.

Use a limo service

You don’t have to feel crappy on your wedding day if you can be treated like a princess. This is what a limo service likeWestbourne Limousines can offer. To begin with, they offer H2 Hummer or Chrysler 300C that are a lot bigger than the usual vehicles for a wedding package that you’ll surely in for $890 only. Therefore, you can even spread your legs and sleep on the way to the church. You also don’t worry about your dress. It won’t be crumpled. You will still look perfect as you head inside the venue. You also don’t have to worry about space if you are to use the car along with your parents. Limousines can fit in at least 9 people. This depends on the requested limo size.

Get a personal assistant

Another benefit of using a limo service on your wedding day is that you can get a personal assistant. This person will take care of your needs while you are inside the vehicle. You will be given snacks and drinks if you feel hungry. You can also request for a song that will calm you down especially if you start feeling the wedding jitters. The moment you arrive at the venue, you are fully relaxed. You are not stressed out about anything. The only thing that is in your minds is how you can enjoy the rest of your life with your partner with the help of one of our best limo service the H2 Hunter Hummers.

Once the wedding is over, you can take the limo with your partner and head to the reception or even straight to the honeymoon place if you want to. You can have the entire vehicle all to yourself only for $750. Again, with the personal assistant provided, you can enjoy the trip as a couple.

Start the right way

Your wedding is the first page of your book to forever. Therefore, it has to be perfect. If you are stressed out on the first day of your life as husband and wife, you will be miserable forever. Thus, even if you have to pay more to get a royal service, go ahead and do it. After all, you have already spent a lot for this wedding. It won’t hurt to spend even more. You can check out http://www.firstclasscars.com.au/weddings/ if you are planning to book a limo ride now. You can also choose the services you want to have in advance.


Choose Wedding Services For A Stress Free Wedding

Choose Wedding Package Services for a Stress Free WeddingWeddings can be very stressful. There are a lot of details that you have to look into. You also have to drive from one place to another just to find the best service. You need catering, venue, wedding dresses, invitations, and many others. This is why it takes months or even years for some people to put up a wedding. There are those who can no longer take the challenge and decide to postpone the wedding or even call it off.

Make sure that this does not happen to you. If you are planning your wedding, it is best if you choose a wedding package with an affordable prices only for $380 for a luxury limo service only at Butterfly Limousine Service. This means that you will only entrust to one company all your wedding needs. They will then take care of all the details. They might even provide a limo service instead of the usual compact wedding car. This will also help you save a lot of money. You will just supervise the entire process and make decisions here and there. The company you have entrusted to provide the wedding package will do everything for you.

You don’t have to worry

If the wedding is approaching and there are still a lot of details that you have to look into, you will definitely be stressed out. It is worse if there are some unexpected issues that you need to fix as the wedding draws really close. With a wedding package service for 2 hours you’re in good hands of Newcastle Limousines, you won’t have to think about all these details. They are well-connected. They have partners to provide all kinds of wedding services that you request. You just have to tell them exactly what you want and how much your budget is and they will prepare everything for you. The only thing that you need to do is to look good on your wedding and prepare for your marriage.

Choose a limo service

You can also check out Wedding limo packages. This makes everything more luxurious. If you get limo service separately, it might be a bit costly. However, if it is included in the package, you can save more. The best part in using a limo service is that you don’t have to force yourself into a very tiny car. During the wedding, you have to wear a huge dress with a train. You will feel totally uncomfortable in a really small car.

However, if you have a limo service, you can even sleep on your way to the venue. You also avoid crumpling the dress. If you have spent a lot of money just to buy that dress, you want it to look perfect during the wedding. You might also feel wedding jitters along the way. If you are totally relaxed on the limo, you will feel nothing other than excitement.

In short, you better take a look at the best wedding packages now. If you can find a company that will do everything for you, then go for it. You deserve to look amazing on your wedding. You should not in any way be stressed out.