Why You Should Hire a Party Bus in Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital and most populated city in Australia. The capital is an eclectic mix of historic and modern buildings, home to over 1000 flagship stores, cafés, art galleries, parks, and restaurants. You can also take scenic tours around the city and the suburbs. There’s a lot to do in Brisbane that would keep you entertained from morning till night.
With a lot of car rental companies represented in Brisbane, you can be sure of getting the best deals from Limoscanner. You simply go to the website, fill out the necessary information, wait for quotations to be sent to you, then just select the best party bus package for you. As Brisbane is one city with a lot of things to keep you busy, hiring a party bus with chauffeured service to get you moving around the place is the most ideal way to travel.
Be it just a planned trip to go around and take in the sights, or to celebrate a special occasion, a party bus is the key to fully enjoy what Brisbane has to offer. If you plan to celebrate or have a party, you can arrange to have the bus drive you to a scenic location to park and have the party there or you can simply party while on the go and enjoy the sights as you go around Brisbane. Planned stops are great if you want to enjoy some of Brisbane’s theme parks or go shopping as an activity with your friends. Go to the art museums and galleries to immerse yourself in their culture. There are a lot of great restaurants in Brisbane that you could dine in for lunch or dinner. Or you can also have the party bus stocked with food and drinks available to everyone during the trip. You can even have movie screenings, or karaoke installed for more fun.
Taking your trip to the next level with a party bus is a must for all who would want to visit Brisbane. The good thing about is that booking is very easy. Go to the website, give the necessary information such as the date and time, where you want to go, and how many will be riding the service. Get a quotation from the vendors in no time and just pick what you prefer the most and continue with booking. We assure that prices quoted are very transparent and is already inclusive of all the fees that you would incur. So it’s a must that you put in whatever specifications you need in your initial inquiry to make sure quotes that come in are accurate and according to what you want to the letter. Aside from the ease of booking, what’s more is that you are confident that you are provided the best service there is from a chauffeured party bus. Our able and competent chauffeurs are professional, courteous and friendly. They are knowledgeable of the areas and roads so you are sure that you will arrive safely and efficiently in your destination of choice.

Birthday Parties Just Got Better – Hiring a Limo or Party Bus

Celebrating birthdays nowadays is a departure from the time that a simple party is enough. These days, birthdays parties are far more grandiose, well planned and the more creative it is the better. Themed birthday parties are the trend right now and hiring a party planner is usually the first option to pull one off. Especially for milestone birthdays, like an 18th or 60th birthday, you need to be creative and the party plan should be well executed to keep guests entertained. Another option to make birthdays more memorable is by hiring a limousine. Limo services are no longer limited to weddings and prom night. It gives class and elegance to any celebration be it taking guests to and from the venue or actually having the party in a limo or party bus.

Advantages of Hiring a Limousine

Ride in style and comfort to and from the birthday party venue in a limousine. The cost of renting may be a bit steep but is is well worth is at this would raise brows everywhere and give your guests something memorable to talk about even months after your party. Start off the celebration once they step into the limo as they can be coordinated with the theme you have in tha actual venue. This would right off set the party mood and keep your guests entertained on the way to the party.

Great for Small Parties

A limousine can accommodate 8 to 30 persons depending on the size of the limousine rented. This is great for small parties where you could have everyone in the limo and go together with them to the party venue. This is a spacious ride that provides comfort and luxury.

Excellent for Theme Parties

Limousines are built in such a way that it can adapt to various themes. They are already equipped with facilities inside and would be tweaked a bit to the theme of your choice. A Disney theme, disco or retro theme can be done inside the limo to accomodate your preference. You can do almost anything in a limo to created whatever theme you may like. Just coordinate it when you do your booking.

Hiring a Party Bus

Other than hiring a limo, you can also consider hiring a Party Bus where you can celebrate your party on the go! You can fit up to 20 to 50 people in the bus. It is large and spacious so you can have activities while partying. It is set up already with facilities you may use. The bus can be used to shuttle guests to the venue or simply have the party inboard for an entirely different experience.

Fun Activities for the Young and Old

Party buses are great for both children and adult parties. Hiring a party bus for a kid’s birthday party is the way to go as it saves you time on organizing and clean up and is also a great experience for the kids being mobile and all. Parents, guests and children need not worry about taking charge of the party. Depending on the theme, the bus can be decorated the same way. You can also have games in the bus or even have movies played too. There are limitless options to choose from it just depends on what you want.

Taking Longer Trips

Party buses can also be used for longer trips. Road trips cqn be arranged over weekend having your family and guests onboard. Entertain guests throughout the trip with food, entertainment, music, movies or even dancing. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are usually held in party buses. This is also great for wedding transportation. You can go sight seeing and stop along scenic routes, stop at a camping site and stay overnight. Or go to a pre-booked hotel. You can spend time with friends and family on your special day while going around touring and enjoying the sights.

Book your limo or party bus with Limoscanner now for an exciting new experience.


Where to Find Car Rentals in the Philippines with driver

Going around Manila or any of the major cities in the Philippines can be made a lot easier by renting a car. This provides you the ease in getting anywhere. You can choose between renting a car and driving it on your own or better go for a chauffeured ride so you can just enjoy and relax the entire trip. Where to find car rentals in Manila? Easy! Go to Limoscanner’s website to get a quote from several vendors, take your pick and the book a ride. How to book a ride – go to the website, give the date/dates, time, location for pick up and drop off as well as how many passengers. Wait for quotations come in via email and choose what you think is the best for you and select to book. There are a lot of choices in vehicles that you can choose from. From executive sedans to SUVs and vans, you can take your pick and it will be accommodated.

1.Airport Transfers – though regular transfers are available in the airport, nothing beats booking in advance to prevent falling in line. Your chauffer will be there to pick you up and bring you to your destination. You are assured of professional chauffer to greet assist you and is knowledgeable of the roads so they can bring you to your location safely and efficiently.

2.Long and Short Drives -the same goes for out of town trips, just book and be assured of a great riding experience. You can have the option to rent based on hourly rates or point to point. It is highly suggested that if you plan on taking long trips, that you select point to point booking than hourly so that you won’t be conscious of the time. Instead you would be billed based on the pick-up point and drop off and not be billed per hour. The good thing about this is that if you book round trip, you get it at a much lower rate. If you aren’t going on a long trip, say you’ll be going somewhere for a wedding or an event, you can request to book for the hourly rates if it would only take you a few hours of use. This is a more practical approach. Take note that quotes for the booking is very transparent and would include all fees. However, there may be instances that you would need to be mindful of other charges you may incur such as toll fee charges, additional hours, wait time, stops, additional seats, fuel surcharges and parking.So make sure that upon booking you declare all the necessary information so that the quotations will be more precise.

Nothing beats travelling in comfort and style. By booking your travel arrangements early on, you can be assured that you will enjoy and would not have to worry about your transportation needs. So the next time you’ll be in the Philippines for business or leisure, choose only the best in car rental services.




Hong Kong Fashion Week

The Hong Kong Fashion Week is where the who’s who in fashion all over the world converge. This event will be held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from July 10 to 13 this year. Be seen coming to the event in style with several of Limoscanner’s top of the line fleet of luxury vehicles available.
1.Book a Hummer
All eyes on you as you make your grand entrance in a Hummer at the Hong Kong Fashion Week. With this masculine and elegant ride, you’re sure to be a head turner. Enjoy its luxurious interiors and be seated comfortably as you are transported to your destination.
2.Book a Luxury Sedan
If the Hummer is too rugged for you, nothing else spells style and comfort with a luxury sedan of your choice to shuttle you to and from the Hong Kong Fashion Week venue. You can choose from a Mercedes Benz S Type or a chauffeured limousine service if you want to make an impression. You can never go wrong with a limousine service. This is also great for an airport transfer.
3.Book an SUV
Renting an SUV is a great option due to its larger seating capacity and its size. The high riding seating of an SUV gives you more of a view while travelling to the Hong Kong Fashion Week. If you’re going in a small group, this can give you better space inside the vehicle as well.
4.Book a Van
If you are thinking in the lines of bigger space to fit you and your entourage for the Hong Kong Fashion Week, then booking a van is the way to go! The chauffeured car service is perfect for you if you’re going with 5 or more friends, being in a van gives you more legroom and space to move about. You can be sure of a comfy ride to and from the venue for the event.
5.Book a Coach Bus
Renting a coach bus to the Hong Kong fashion week is highly advisable for big groups. For the exhibitors or designers coming in from the airport, you can choose to be picked up at the Hong Kong International Airport and be shuttled directly to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. With the large capacity of the coach bus, you don’t need to worry about transporting your items and materials for the exhibit as it is with you already in the bus.
Whatever you choose from the list above, you are guaranteed of superior customer service. Book online in advance to get a quotation and select what suits your needs. Just indicate pick up and drop off points, the time, and how many will be riding so that you can get a detailed and accurate quote. These will be sent to your email from vendors and prices quoted are the actual fees that will be billed to you. Our friendly and professional English speaking chauffeurs are more than willing and able to assist you during the trip. Hong Kong Fashion Week is fast approaching so go to the website and start booking today.


Business Trips Made Even Better With 5 Day Trips to Brisbane

Will you be having guests or VIPs coming in and are thinking of ways to entertain them during their stay? Are you considering taking them around to see the sights? Worry no more as we have 5 highly suggested day trips to make their stay more memorable. You can go around and show them what Queensland has in store. Day trips take you out of the office setting and make them experience something refreshing and new.

The good thing is that Limoscanner has a variety of day trips with A. Atlantis Executive Limos available that’s only within an hour of Central Brisbane. We utilize a selection of vehicles suitable for any of your needs from transporting a team of employees or just you and your corporate guest. You are assured of well-trained and courteous chauffeurs who are very knowledgeable of the areas around Brisbane. Allow us to transport you comfortably and safely while you focus on debriefing, networking or relaxing. You can opt for the Sunshine Coast or go south to the Gold Coast. You can also choose going inland to enjoy nature. Bush walking, adventure sports, wineries, and team bonding are among some of the offering you can avail of. Here are the top 5 destinations.

1.Lone Pine – only 30 minutes away from Brisbane is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Not only can you get up close and personal with the animals but this is also a perfect site for team building events. With an in-house events team, you can choose a venue ready for you to hold meetings, celebrate company events. The events team can also facilitate games and ice breakers for you. This is great for your international visitors and will make their trip a memorable one.

2.Hinterlands – Down the Sunshine Coast is where you’ll find the best waterfront dining and the Eumundi markets in which you can go around with your guest to showcase local delicacies, handmade gifts and artwork. The place is known for its fudge which is usually a great souvenir to bring home. Head up to Montville for some food and go around and discover antique treasures. This is a 1.5 hour trip can be done with a limousine cruiser so you can save the meetings during the drive back and forth.

3.Golf Days in the Gold Coast – the Gold coast has a variety of golf and country clubs that you can choose from. They have packages available to cater to your needs. If you’re looking for relaxation and building relationships, this is a great place to make it happen.

4.Lamington National Park – 1.5 hours away south of Brisbane is Lamington National Park where you can go on a treetop walk 15 meters above ground with your guests. This cover 180 meters utilizing the support of 9 bridges to tour you around. You can also ask your guest to go up the 30 meter observation deck to make it a more unforgettable experience they’d be talking about.

5.Moreton Island – You can invite your guests for a day cruise with by going to Holt Street Wharf which is a short drive from Brisbane. This will bring you to #Tangalooma Island where you can enjoy whale watching, feeding the dolphins, or a safari tour. These are only a few of the options for day trips that are offered that you and your guests will surely enjoy. The next time you have a corporate visit, or want to take the office staff to unwind, consider getting these services.


Top 6 Tips to Remember When Booking a Limo in the Philippines

If you’re living in Metro Manila, you know how bad traffic is and how it’s such a hassle to even get parking in most of the establishments. Either you have to brave the roads and get stressed out driving or you don’t leave the house at all just to avoid worries. But what if you have an important appointment? Then you really need to go. You may opt to get a cab so you don’t need to drive. With the transport services that are cropping up, it still doesn’t cover some of the key cities from Luzon to Mindanao. The services are limited to specific areas only.
With Limoscanner, you can relax with chauffeured rides and have the convenience of renting in most of the key cities all over the country. How it works is that the service helps you avail of the best deals there is by sending your quotes to multiple limousine or party bus companies. You can take a look at photos of the vehicles before deciding to book it.
1.The first step is to tell– who, where, and when would be the planned itinerary for the travel. Second, the request would be sent to multiple vendors so they could be able to check and provide a quotation for the cost. And lastly, you wil receive quotes then scan for the best offer.
2.How to send a quote – Limoscanner is divided into 3 categories: point to point, hourly, and transfer. You need to fill out pick up and drop off points and select via drop down menu available vehicles. Once done, select send request and your booking will be received by several limo companies in the area.
3.Requesting for transfer – the most common transfers are airport transfers, but you can opt to request for to and from or vice versa for sea port travel, from a train station or other transfers that you may need. It is more practical to request for round trip transfers as it would give you the most bang for your buck. Your vehicle will have room for storing your bags and other stuff but you need to request for a bigger ride if you have plenty of luggage and also additional riders.
4.Point to Point travel – just give the pick-up point and the drop off point and select your vehicle of choice, then sit back and wait for offers or quotations to come in.
5.Request for hourly – specify the event such as proms or weddings. And the time and duration to get better offers.
6.How to Pay for the Trip – transactions are between you and the company you choose so you will be following any payment method available to them. Maximum transparency is maintained so you won’t get bill shock when the charges appear on you bill. You only get charged for the amount quoted on your bill. However, be on the lookout for additional charges that may be incurred such as toll fee charges, parking, stops, wait time, and the like.
Due to the availability of the service almost anywhere in the Philippines, this is the best way to go when choosing a transport service. The great customer service, transparency in billings and transactions make it even more worth it. So anytime you think of booking a ride, check out the website.


Why You Need a Limo

 Live life to the fullest! Enjoy life because you only get to live it once. Make your moments special. And what better way to celebrate and experience the best by making use of a limo service to take you around and get to your destination. Gone were the days that limo services are limited to very special occasions. Limo services actually make any moment the best for any occasion or trip that you may think of. It provides you a luxurious and grand feel together with the comfort of travel. You will feel super special as you are being chauffeured to your venue of choice. Here are some instances where riding a limo is highly suggested.
1.Weddings – Somehow getting a limo service is commonplace for the bride and groom to use during their wedding to shuttle them to the church and then the reception. But to make a wedding even better, extend the use of wedding limo services to the entire entourage or even the guests to take away the hassles of having them think about parking. Not only do they come in style but they get to enjoy the moment even more.
2.Mother’s/Father’s Day – the best way to give back to our parents is by making their special day memorable is by hiring a limo service. Have a limo pick up for dinner, lunch, shopping, go see a movie or to go around and see the sights. Have them indulge in anything they want to do and step it up a notch by taking them out in style with a limo.
3.Birthdays – make someone’s birthday even more special by hiring a limo with a bar inside. Go around town and set the mood by having drinks in the limo before you even get to your destination to party. You can even opt to have the party in the limo with friends and have the driver take you around town for sightseeing.
4.School Dances – make it a point to use an prom limo service for your kids when attending school dances. This would give them the feel of going down the red carpet in style. But what’s most important really is that they’re guaranteed to get to their destination in time and you not worrying as they will be safely transported by the limo service.
5.Shopping Excursions – Yes! You read it right! Shopping excursions it is! Taking advantage of Limoscanner gives you more time to do your actual shopping since having a limo service takes away the burden of being in line in getting a parking space. You’d have more time in going around the mall and purchasing items in your shopping list. You can easily move around and go from mall to mall since you have the advantage of the limo service. These are only a few suggestions but sky’s the limit on how creative you can be in making use of limo services. Limo services now are not limited to just special occasions but can be availed of when you want it and when you need it.

Ways to Travel from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and Vice Versa

You may think it’s easy to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and vice versa because it seems like their location is just within close proximity. But if you are not a frequent traveller and it’s your first time in Hong Kong, you might not know of your options for transportation. Once you know what your options are, it will make your travel easier and faster. You will be able to select the method of moving about that will suit your preferences.
From Hong Kong, you actually have 5 options on how to get to Shenzhen. That is by public bus, shared shuttle, coach, taxi and by private car. Each option varies differently depending on four aspects:
1.Time – How long it will take you to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong
2.Comfort – Will I feel comfortable riding the bus for several hours? Or share a vehicle with strangers? Or walk with my bags at some distances between drop off points?
3.Convenience – How many drop offs, switches or types of transport will I have to deal with?
4.Cost – What is your budget? Are you willing to sacrifice comfort to save a few dollars? Or are you willing to pay the price for more comfort and a faster way to travel?
You have to remember that to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong, you will have to cross an international border to get into mainland China. You will go thru several immigration checkpoints and get cleared at customs both at the Hong Kong and Shenzhen sides of the border. All travellers pass this way. You must have your passport ready and keep in mind your country’s own visa requirements when you are entering mainland China. Because these two borders have stringent requirements it will add a significant amount of time to your journey.
If the reason for your travel is of high priority, the best option you can take is hire a rental car that can take you from Hong Kong to Shenzhen that will allow you to stay inside the vehicle and you can conveniently pass thru both borders of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and arrive at your hotel without any hassle.
You can opt to take a bus then the MRT, it will turn out as the cheapest option but it has a huge cost. You will have to take a lot of discomfort and inconvenience due to several bus route changes, carrying your bags at every stop and change of bus, engaging too much time and you have to know some Cantonese to make sure you don’t get lost along the way.
If you take the coach bus, you will have a continuous and comfortable ride all the way to the border. But once you get to the border, you will have to get off the bus and endure the long lines to immigration and take the taxi to Shenzhen.
Similarly, when you take the shared shuttle it is like riding the bus only at a higher cost. Both will require you to buy tickets, load up at the airport terminal 2, both have direct routes to the Shenzhen boarder where you get off and take a taxi. The only difference with the shuttle is that you could stay inside the vehicle when you pass thru the HK border immigration. Ideal if you don’t mind sharing a cramped space inside the vehicle.
The taxi is the most expensive option to the boarder but similar to both the bus and the shuttle, it will just take you as far as the Shenzhen border. Its only convenience is that you own the space and the vehicle is spacious. The travel time is also faster.


Limoscanner Looking for Partners for Limo and Party Bus Operators

Limoscanner is on the lookout for possible partners in their limo and party bus operations. Joining their partnership in the marketplace will not cost you anything and will be an excellent source for confirmed customer reservations.
Limoscanner has been in the car rental business for several years now. Their reliable and professional limousine services has been sought after by a lot of their customers and these have contributed to the growth of their business. They have acquired quite a number of new vehicles to comply with their client’s demands for excellent services.
But as it is, the economy has been robust and businesses are booming. The number of travelling businessmen has grown as well and the constant requirement for limousine services as well as the need for recreational vehicles services has grown. Limoscanner is continuously growing and has added more locations to render their services. With this, there is a need to affiliate with existing car rental services in those locations to be their partner in the particular area.
What our company can guarantee both our partners and clients is the continued business of rendering the top-notch, reliable and professional rental car and limousine services that Limoscanner is known for. For our future affiliate partners, you can rely on us to provide you with a steady stream of clientele who over the years are our loyal and repeat customers. In order to service them better, it would be beneficial for both our company and future business partners to provide our loyal clients the limo services they need outside the normal scope of our service areas.
By providing the vehicles that our clients need outside our existing areas of service, we can provide you the steady flow of revenue to keep both our business will need to keep growing. You will enjoy the benefits of our marketing strategies which we utilize to promote and grow our business.
Limoscanner has a team of marketing specialists who utilize social media, online travel agencies to promote and expand their services. Their existing affiliates are enjoying more online exposure. The platform being used online to promote the rental services is similar to the ones being used by more popular online travel agencies like Hotels.com and Expedia. To develop the online websites, Limoscanner has their own team of web designers, creative marketers and prolific writers. By working all of these teams together, the company continues to gain a steady stream of clientele each month. With the increased exposure in virtual marketplace, by word-of-mouth, direct mail campaigns, web based media and thru industry trade publications, you can be assured that this company is definitely here to stay.
Becoming our affiliate is very easy. You just have to visit our website and fill in an application for the required information. You will need to submit pictures and descriptions of your available vehicles and the corresponding price quotation. The reservations will be made online on the company’s platform, making it simple for the customers.


Private Car for Hong Kong Senior Fair

The Hong Kong Senior Fair will be held from July 7 to July 9, 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is a 3 day event for the growing senior population in Hong Kong. It showcases products and services that are target for senior citizens. The event boasts of several exhibitors for insurance, medical, caring home service, funeral service, daily needs and life planning services. There will be companies and organizations that are focused for the continually growing group of elders at this year’s expo. Therapists, medical practictioners and small business opportunities for the elderly will also be there.
How to Get to the Hong Kong Senior Fair
Hong Kong Convention and exhibition Center is located on the waterfront of Victoria Harbor. You can get there by bus from the Hong Kong International Airport by taking route A11 or E11 to Wanchai and change to route number 40M to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibit Centre. Or you can take the train from the airport station to Hong Kong then transfer to Wanchai. But this would surely take its toll on the senior who’d want to attend the exhibit. The best and practical solution is to book with Limoscanner for a comfortable and luxurious ride!
Airport Transfer – we have a fleet of luxury cars, SUVs and vans that you can choose from for the Hong Kong International Airport transfer to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. You can book as early as now to secure your reservations for July 7. Limousine Transfer- since the Hong Kong Senior Fair is a 3 day affair, you can choose to have a limousine or a Mercedes Benz S Class to pick you up at home or from the hotel you’re staying in. This gives you the convenience of making sure you’re on a comfortable ride going to and from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Booking for round trip rides are more practical and you are given better rates for round trip bookings. It is advisable to book for the duration of the event so you’re sure not to miss out on any possible promotions or discounts that the exhibitors would surely offer for 3 days. By getting a private car to and from the fair, you can save a lot of time falling in line to get a cab, ride a bus or the train.
By employing a chauffered ride for the Hong Kong Senior Fair, you are assured that you have the best staff possible to assist in all your needs. We have English speaking staff that are dressed professionally and are presentable. They are courteous and are ready to help at all times. Whatever purchases you bought from the fair can be stowed in the car for safety instead of lugging it the entire day. Time is also critical and by booking your travel requests with us, you are sure that whatever time or schedule planned would be followed to the letter. These are only a few of the advantages in choosing a private car over taking a cab or public transport for the Hong Kong Senior Fair. Let us keep in mind that the safety and comfort of our senior attendees are a priority and we should always consider what’s best for them. We would want them to experience fully the Hong Kong Senior Fair without any hassles or worries knowing that their transportation needs are already met by the best travel company in Hong Kong.