In Hong Kong, airport transfer services from hotels are slightly different from the typical car for hire services. For one thing, their vehicles carry the colors and logo of the Hotel. As an example, Peninsula Hotel has vehicles painted in trademark Brewster Green color and emblem on the side. Most of the vehicles they offer are high class models of #BMW, #RollsRoyce or #MercedesBenz. Obviously, all of these vehicles are very pricey but well worth your money. If you are prepared to check into Peninsula Hotel at $500 to $600 a night, then $200 for airport transfer services seems like a reasonable price.

You can book a reservation for an airport transfer prior to your arrival. You can choose the type of vehicle you like. For 5 star hotels, usually they offer you a #stretchlimo or any of their customized high class vehicles. The luxury of these types of services is well worth the amount of money that you pay.

The moment you arrive at the airport, your designated driver will be waiting at the gate for you. They will take care of your luggage so you don’t even have to wait in a long line at customs. The car you will ride is so luxurious with the interiors covered in leather and wood finishing. The cars have more than ample space that you can literally stretch your legs and relax after a long flight. You will be provided drinking water in a cooler inside the car and even a face towel to freshen up. The nice thing about these high class vehicles is that there are a lot of gadgets you can tinker with during the ride. You can adjust the air–conditioning so you can have cooler air aimed right at your seat. Spa music is played inside the car but you can typically play any type of music you like.

The uniformed driver is very courteous and professional. They only speak when you need them to but they can also carry a decent conversation. You will be taken directly to your hotel and upon your request, they can drive for you for the entire duration of your trip.

There are car rental services like #Limoscanner that offers similar services at a fraction of the hotel price. If the $200 charge the Hotel imposes is way over your budget, you can definitely find other limousine rental services at more affordable rates. These companies also feature top-of-the-line car brands in limo or sedans that you can choose from. It will depend on your budget and preferences if you will hire the airport transfer services from the hotel or with a car rental service.




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