Despite being a small city, Hong Kong is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. When it comes to shopping, Hong Kong is a haven. It also offers a perfect balance between modernity and tradition. It is also a business hub with tons of investors coming in and out of the city throughout the year. There is no wonder why Hong Kong has a booming economy.

The only problem is that given the size of the city and the number of people visiting it, the place easily becomes crowded. Even if it offers trains, buses, and other forms of transportation, moving from one place to another can be a challenge.

It is even more challenging for first timers. It is easy getting lost in this city where almost every street is crowded and buildings are close to each other. It is best for you to check Hong Kong car hire rates and reviews prior to your trip and make reservations now.

The good thing about car rental companies is that they make sure that you have a vehicle waiting for you wherever you want to go. You have a choice of driving the car you have rented or asking for a chauffeur to drive it for you. The latter is the best option given that you have never been to Hong Kong before. You would rather have a local chauffeur who knows his way around the area and can communicate with the locals if ever you can’t find the place you want to visit.

Worth the price

Compared with buses and trains, using private rented cars would cost you more money. You need to pat for the car rental along with the services provided by the chauffeur. You will also pay for gas and toll fees which are not included in the rental fee that you have paid.

Despite that, you would still prefer to have a private car. To begin with, there are tons of choices available like the Mercedes Benz S350Toyota Alphard, and Mercedes Benz W221. Depending on the number of people using the vehicle, there are several models for you to choose from.

Taking a taxi in Hong Kong is expensive as well. If you are traveling to several places, you might even end up spending more if you choose a taxi. Other forms of public transportation like trains and buses are cheaper, but not too convenient. They are also crowded all the time. If you are traveling with kids, this is not a good idea. You might not even know which transportation to use to go to the specific place you intend to visit.

Book now

Given these reasons, it is best for you to just get a private car and ask for a chauffeur to drive you. Book from sites like Limoscanner and you are good to go. Choose the Modern Style Roll Royce (Golden) and Benz W220 (White) car models as they are of top quality. Hopefully, you will enjoy your trip around Hong Kong. automatic alt text available.



The problem when you party in any location is that you have to be controlled in terms of your actions. You don’t want to be seen by others and take a photograph of you dancing like crazy or getting drunk. This is not a good image for professionals like you.

If you still want to hang out with your closest friends by going all out with drinking and dancing, choose party bus hire Brisbane. This makes you choose whatever you want to drink or dance all night long without worrying about a single thing. The Chrysler 300C Stretch Limousine and Ford Fairlane Stretch Limousine are some of the best choices available.

You are with your closest friends

When you are inside the bus, no one sees you and what you are doing. Besides, if you are with the people you trust the most, it does not matter if you get really drunk. Your secret is safe. There will be no photo leaks as well. You know these people for quite some time and you can be your true self when you are with them.

Everything can be customised

The best part about party buses is that you can spruce them up. Once you have reserved the bus, you can decide when to use it and until what time. You can also decide where to bring the bus to while you are having a party.

The theme can be changed based on your preference. If someone is celebrating a birthday, you can let this person choose the theme. The drinks can also be requested in advance along with the dishes to be served. You can also opt for a pole if you want everyone to dance while taking the party bus. Even the music to be played can also be a part of your decision.

You will go back safe

Perhaps, your biggest worry when you get too drunk is you won’t get home safe. The same thing is true with your friends. Usually, when you drink outside, someone has to avoid drinking and be the person driving everyone home. When you rent a bus, no one has to sacrifice. Everyone can party the entire night without worrying about safety.

The bus can be rented with a driver and this person will make sure you are all safe no matter how drunk you get. You can also have the bus to yourself overnight if you don’t want to get home looking like a mess.

Choose the right bus

Of course, you need the best party bus for the sickest party ever. The Chrysler 300CHolden Caprice and Mercedes Benz Vianoare some of the top choices given their sheer size. You can also ask your friends in advance so you will know if they are coming or not. The bus must be enough to accommodate everyone who has confirmed attendance.

Take a look at the best options via Limoscanner. You can make online reservations now and get a more affordable rate.

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