Hong Kong Limousine Service is a Great Option

Hong Kong Limousine Service is a Great Option

Hong Kong might be a small city, but it is packed with tourists and business people. This is why you can expect traffic to be heavy most of the times. Although there is good public transportation system, it is usually crowded. You also have to wait for some time before getting on a bus. Taxi services also cost a lot. If you want to reduce your waiting time and travel in style, perhaps you want to consider getting a limousine. We have our luxury limousine Rolls Royce Silverdawn.

Limo service is popular in Hong Kong not just for businessmen, but even for travelers. It makes their trip a lot more convenient. They can just hop on to the limo and it will drop them off to the hotel. We have one of the most requested limo to offer our Minivan Toyota Alphard. Moving around the city is also easy with the help of the limo service. Hong Kong is a key tourist destination. Even if you are staying for only 2 to 3 days but you have a limo service, like this Mercedes Benz ML W164 SUV Limos you can visit a lot of places.


Make reservations now

If you are interested to give it a try on your next trip, you can check out Hong Kong Limousine Service. This company is the go-to company for those who wish to have a safe and convenient trip around the city. A lot of people are satisfied with their services starting from an English speaking chauffeur who knows the way around the city. We have also a Tour in Hong Kong with an English Speakign Guide for 8 hours. Requesting for a special assistant is also possible. If you are traveling with kids, it would be a lot easier for you if someone will help you throughout your limo trip. The only thing you have to do is to just sit down and relax. You can even sleep during the trip if you are stuck in traffic.

There are different types and sizes of limousines to choose from. Whether you are traveling alone, with family or in large groups, there is always one that will fit in your needs. You can request for limo service if you want airport transfer or if you want to visit other key places in Hong Kong or even in mainland China. We have also Cross border transfer from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Package. Limo service is also available for special events including weddings, anniversaries and graduation. In short, you can travel in style, whatever the occasion may be. You don’t have to wait for public transportation or cram yourself in a compact sedan.

This company has received positive reviews over the years. One of the reasons why it is highly trusted is because of its ability to provide quality services at an affordable rate. If you worry that limo service is expensive, you don’t have to. The only thing you need to do is to get quotations now. You can include the date of arrival, activity schedule and date of return to the airport. You will then be given the price for the said services. When you are fine with it, you can pay online and confirm reservation. This is how easy the process is. Go ahead and make your reservations now and enjoy this wonderful trip around the city of Hong Kong.


Choose Amy Express for an Unforgettable Trip to Hong Kong

Choose Amy Express for an Unforgettable Trip to Hong Kong

You can do a lot of activities when you are in Hong Kong. There are places that are perfect for kids while some others are strictly for adults. Either way, you need to have comfortable ground transportation. Like our most request vehicle in our company Toyota Alphard.This is something Amy Express can provide. We guarantee you that by choosing us, this becomes a safe, unforgettable and convenient trip.

There are a lot of vehicles on our fleet for you to choose from. One of vehicles we would like to offer is our Audi A6l. You can rent compact sedans if you are riding alone. Here we are proud to introduce our Mercedes S Class Sedan. If you are in a bigger group, we offer a limo service. They come in different sizes, depending on the number of passengers. You don’t have to worry about the rate. You just have to choose the type of vehicle that you want to rent and let us know the itinerary. You will then be given quotations and eventually decide which of them would be suitable for you.


A complete package

When you rent our vehicle, you don’t just get the vehicle itself. For our limo package, you will have a chauffeur who speaks English well and knows his way around Hong Kong. We have a package for a Tour in Hong Kong wth an English Speaking guide for 8 hours. You are in safe hands with our experienced and high quality drivers. You will also have drinks and snacks available on the limo. For airport transfer service, the only thing you need to do is to wait outside the exit and find the sign bearing your name. We will then provide someone to assist you in placing your luggage on the vehicle. In short, you will feel convenience throughout this trip.

We also guarantee you that when it comes to maintenance, all our vehicles are well-maintained. We don’t allow them to hit the road if we can’t guarantee the safety of our passengers. It comes first above everything else.


Get rid of inconvenience

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to visit. You can check out fancy restaurants, casinos, theme parks, zoos and many others. We offer also a Hong Kong Tour for 4 hours to move around the city. Moving around the city would have been a lot easier using public transportation if only there are not so many passengers. For a small city like Hong Kong which is densely populated, getting a bus or taxi could be a huge problem.

This is why you just have to partner with us to get rid of these issues. Wherever you decide to go, your limo service is available right away. During the trip, you can just sleep and you will be transported to your next destination. At night, you can even go on a party with friends and drink as much as you can. Your chauffeur will safely drive you back to your hotel.

Considering everything that you will get in hiring a limo service, it is safe to say that it is the right choice for you. Even if you throw a few more dollars to get this service, you will not regret at all. You can call us now to make advance reservations. We promise you that you will appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong even more through our service.

Use a Limo to Enjoy Huge Music or Sporting Events

Use a Limo to Enjoy Huge Music or Sporting Events

Heading to a concert or a sporting event in Hong Kong can be very exciting. You will have the chance to see the people you look up to in action. You will also enjoy it with family or friends. In fact, as soon as you have found out about the event, you have booked your ticket right away. This is true especially if the event rarely comes to your area. The only problem is that as you plan to head to that event, you realize that you will bump into a lot of people.

These huge events draw hundreds upon thousands of audiences. You might even cancel your plans when you realize just how tough it could be to get there. You will get stuck on the road. You will also have a hard time looking for a parking spot. You also have to stand the heat. Before you think of canceling your plans, you have to understand that there are other ways for you to enjoy the event. One of them is renting a limo service. We are proud to introduce our Nissan Elgrand as one of your option.

The benefits of a limo ride

When using a limo for concert or sporting event, you won’t have to worry about traffic or parking spot. You just have to wait for the limo ride to pick you up. Even if you get stuck in traffic, it is perfectly fine. Here are one of our most request limo Toyota Alphard. You will still enjoy it. After all, you are in a huge vehicle which is totally comfortable. You can even sleep if you want. You can also request for a personal assistant to attend to all your needs. Other option for your limo to rent is our Mercedes Benz S Class S350L. You also have a wide array of choices for snacks and drinks. In fact, even if you miss the concert, you won’t feel bad at all. The limo ride is already an event in itself. If not you may have a tour in our On-Hire Services in Hong Kong for 3 Hours.

Limo service companies in Hong Kong can also book a parking spot in advance for you. This means that as soon as you arrive at the venue, you just have to let the chauffeur park the limo on a perfect spot and you can get to the venue. You can have fun all night long if you want. You can even get drunk at the event. After all, you have nothing to worry about. You can simply head back to the limo and you will be brought back safely to your place. Even if you are too drunk and you eventually pass out, you can just sleep on the limo and you are already safe. The same thing is true with the friends whom you have tagged along with.

A night to remember

You have waited for a long time for this huge event. You have also dreamt that it would be a perfect night that you can enjoy with your friends. You have also longed to see your idols for a very long time. Now that it is happening, you can’t let anything else stop you from enjoying the moment. Booking a limo service will help make things happen for you. For Hong Kong tour wih English Speaking Guide for 8 hours. It is definitely going to be the best event ever.

The Comfort of Traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen on a Limo

The Comfort of Traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen on a Limo

Traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is really easy. Considering the options available, it only takes a few minutes before you are settled and be on your way to your destination. The best option is using a car that picks you up from Hong Kong Airport all the way to Shenzhen. For our Cross Border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen way to get there.

The service is a 7-seater minivan our Toyota Alphard that you will find easy, safe and comfortable to use. The process of getting into one is also easy. You just have to purchase the ticket near the departure gate. It would cost you around 160 RMB/HKD. There are agents standing in the area. You just have to tell them where you are going and they will hand you the ticket right away. They will also slap a sticker on your clothes. You will then be directed to the area in which the limousine is waiting. We are proud to introduce our famous Nissan Elgrand.

Be careful not to book in advance because it might be interpreted as reserving the entire limo to your group. Unless you are traveling in large groups, it would be best if you just buy the ticket upon arrival. If you intend to book the entire limo, it would cost you around HKD1,000 to HKD2,000. Another thing that you need to remember is that the service is only good during regular hours. If you arrive quite late at night, you might have to go to the counter, as you might not find the agents at the gate. Arriving beyond midnight would be really difficult for you to get into a limo service. Pooling with other passengers to take a taxi is another option.  Most of all, don’t be tempted to take a bus as you might be asked to walk to the border and then back to the bus,

The entire journey is just from 45 minutes to 1 hour. There are 2 borders that you can go into. The Huanggang border is the closest to Shenzhen Central while the Shenzhen Bay border is nearer to the airport.

If you have booked a hotel in Shenzhen, it is possible to reserve an airport pick up service to take you directly to the hotel you’re staying. For taxi services, make sure that you choose the ones that are painted maroon and make sure that you ask them first if they use meter to avoid being overcharged. Spas and saunas also provide minivans that will take you to the spa location. Or you may choose our beautiful Mercedes Benz S550.


What to do once in Mainland

After you have arrived at Mainland China, you need to immediately locate the place that you are staying. You might be dropped in areas where taxi drivers are waiting for you. It is best if you have business cards or address of the hotel where you are staying written in Chinese. This will make it easy for you to get to your destination. You also have to make sure that you have the appropriate visa so you won’t get in trouble at the border. If you are pooling with other passengers, you might cause delays and could even be left behind. Nevertheless, with a limo experience, everything will be smooth and fast.

Choose Wedding Package Services for a Stress Free Wedding

Choose Wedding Package Services for a Stress Free Wedding

Weddings can be very stressful. There are a lot of details that you have to look into. You also have to drive from one place to another just to find the best service. You need catering, venue, wedding dresses, invitations, and many others. This is why it takes months or even years for some people to put up a wedding in Hong Kong. There are those who can no longer take the challenge and decide to postpone the wedding or even call it off. Limousine services for weddings, parties, evenings “on the town,” sporting events and more, Let us assist you with transportation with our Hong Kong Limousine Service.

Make sure that this does not happen to you. If you are planning your wedding, it is best if you choose a wedding package. This means that you will only entrust to one company all your wedding needs. They will then take care of all the details. They might even provide a limo service instead of the usual compact wedding car. This will also help you save a lot of money. You will just supervise the entire process and make decisions here and there. The company you have entrusted to provide the wedding package will do everything for you.


You don’t have to worry

If the wedding is approaching and there are still a lot of details that you have to look into, you will definitely be stressed out. It is worse if there are some unexpected issues that you need to fix as the wedding draws really close. With a wedding package service, you won’t have to think about all these details. They are well-connected. They have partners to provide all kinds of wedding services that you request. You just have to tell them exactly what you want and how much your budget is and they will prepare everything for you. The only thing that you need to do is to look good on your wedding and prepare for your marriage. Car ladies, elegant extravagance, but also your ideal wedding team our Vanko Wedding Services.


Choose a limo service

You can also check out Wedding limo packages. This makes everything more luxurious. If you get limo service separately, it might be a bit costly. However, if it is included in the package, you can save more. The best part in using a limo service is that you don’t have to force yourself into a very tiny car. During the wedding, you have to wear a huge dress with a train. You will feel totally uncomfortable in a really small car. We have a variety of Toyota Alphard.

However, if you have a limo service, you can even sleep on your way to the venue. You also avoid crumpling the dress. If you have spent a lot of money just to buy that dress, you want it to look perfect during the wedding. You might also feel wedding jitters along the way. If you are totally relaxed on the limo, you will feel nothing other than excitement. We have the most convenient Mercedes Benz.

In short, you better take a look at the best wedding packages now. If you can find a company that will do everything for you, then go for it. You deserve to look amazing on your wedding. You should not in any way be stressed out. The vehicle that will transport you guest from and to your venue White Mini Bus.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Bang on a Limo

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Bang on a Limo

Have you already planned how to celebrate Chinese New Year? If no, you might want to take a look at a limo tour during the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Ideal for touring with our one of the best vehicle Mercedes Benz S Class W221. You can spend it with your family and friends. You can also move around the city and celebrate it with everyone else. And visit Hong Kong many famous site with our limo Nissan Elgrand. You can also spend the night on the road and welcome the Chinese New Year there or even get back to your home before the clock hits 12. For sure, this will be a night to remember and perhaps the best New Year celebration you’ll ever have. In group you can enjoy with our Mitsubishi Rosa.


Party on the road

The best reason why you should get a limo service for Chinese New Year is that you want to have fun. You don’t have this kind of long holiday throughout the year. This is your chance to enjoy the night without thinking of your work or other problems. You will just celebrate the Chinese New Year and be grateful for the year that passed. We are the best ground transportation and the solution of your travel needs City Cabs Hong Kong.

Celebrating Chinese New Year on the road means that you can also see other people who are celebrating just like you. This makes you feel the essence of Chinese New Year even more. You can also stop by different places before midnight. You can go to bars and dance your heart out. You can also go to parks and see families celebrating the holidays with their loved ones. You may also visit your relatives and express your gratitude to them. You can do whatever you want inside the limo and travel to different places within the time that you have booked the limo.

You don’t even have to leave the limo

If you want to bring your friends with you during this trip, you can have party all night long inside the limo. The good thing about the Chinese New Year Limo service is that there are amenities for you to choose from. You can request for party music so you can enjoy while inside the limo. You may also request for a personal assistant so that someone will provide everything that you need including snacks, meals and drinks. Speaking of drinks, you may also choose from a wide array of drinks to be served while the limo is running. You can also request for specific drinks in advance. Regardless of how many people you need to transport of where you’re travelling to we can provide one of our top class service New Century Travel Service Limited.

You might even get really drunk as the night ends and feel tired to do anything else. You don’t have to worry though. Your limo service will bring you back to your place. You will have nothing to think about anymore. You won’t worry for your safety. The same thing is true for your friends. You can even sleep on the limo when you are too tired. The assistant and the chauffeur will take care of you.

In short, you should start booking your Chinese New Year limo service now. This is going to be a memorable night. You can celebrate Chinese New Year in full blast this time around. You deserve it especially after working hard throughout the year.