Make This Mothers’ Day Even More Special with a Surprise Limo Ride

Make your mother feel special this Mothers’ Day through a tour around New York City in a limo with J & C Limousine Service. Perhaps, you have already run out of ideas on what to do for this special occasion. This is your chance to come up with something totally unique but still make her very happy.

If you have forgotten about this day, you might be doing last minute shopping right now. Forget it. Nothing great will come out of it. You will end up buying something that both of you won’t love. It will just be another awkward moment as she opens that gift.

Using the 6 passenger Lincoln Stretch for a nice trip around New York for only $88/hr will definitely make this day totally unforgettable. Take her to one of the fanciest restaurants in the city. You can also have a spa together or bring her to watch a Broadway musicale. There are endless activities for both of you to do in a vibrant city like New York. For sure, all the times that you have forgotten to tell her how much you love her have been forgotten because of this wonderful gift.

Not the usual

For sure, your mother is already expecting something ordinary from you. This is true especially if you have not done a great job in the past years. She is no longer hoping that this year will be special. Imagine if you suddenly arrive in her home in a limo. You ask her to wear her fanciest dress and immediately take her out to some of the best places in the city. This will certainly leave her mouth wide open. Take note that fancy limo rides are now more affordable. They are not just for wealthy people unlike what most people think.

You can personalize the limo too

Using the limo alone for a fancy ride and a trip around New York is already something special. You can make it even more special by personalizing the interior. Place your family photos around the vehicle. You can also create a themed party taking into consideration everything that she loves. You know your mother well, so you can easily determine what gimmicks would make her happy. With a package for only $425.00 you can have NYC Night on Town for 5 hours for 10 passenger in a Lincoln Stretch White.

Take the entire family

This special moment could be just between you and your mother. However, you can spruce things up by bringing your entire family with you and experience the fun inside a Mercedes Lounge Limo Sprinter which can accommodate 12 passenger. If you have siblings who live in a different city and you were able to pull them for this special occasion, it would make Mothers’ Day even more special. She might even shed some tears. Nothing else would make a mother happy than to see her family together.

Once you have successfully given this gift for Mothers’ Day, you are challenged to do better next year. Of course, this is extremely special. Topping it off could be a huge challenge.

Just don’t forget to book early. Partner with us at Limoscanner now. There are a lot of other people who want to surprise their mothers on that special day. You don’t want to end up with no reservations and ruin your entire plan.