Avail of a Fast and Reliable Limo Airport Pickup Service

Perth is one of the key places in Australia. Its airport is serving over 14 million passengers a year. It is also one of the busiest airports around the country, with local and international flights. It means that it is busy all-year round. Arrive in Perth by the help of our St Georges Limousine Service to see its beautiful scenery and tourist destinations. The only problem is that you might have a hard time moving from the airport to the city center or anywhere in Perth.

There are buses in trains moving in and out of the airport to key places in the city. Although the system is good enough, the problem is that you might have a hard time due to the number of passengers. It is even worse if you have your kids with you. They will surely complain if the buses are crowded. Imagine carrying your luggage with one hand and your child with another. Before you are even on the mood to continue the trip, you are already very tired.

The need for airport pickup service

This is the reason why you need to go for an airport pickup service one of our best qualified airport transfer is the PTCars Airport Transfers they’ll make things a lot easier for you. As soon as you head out of the airport exit, the only thing that you need to do is to find the pickup service and get in. A special limo service will make things even better. After arrival, your chauffeur is already waiting at the exit for you. In fact, they will be there 30 minutes before your scheduled arrival. You may also request for a special assistant. This person will help you with your luggage.

You just have to get inside the limo and rest. You may even request for drinks and meals in advance. It takes around 30 minutes to arrive at the city center from the airport if the traffic is clear. While on the road, you can even sleep. There is enough leg room in the vehicle for you to fully extend your legs. Your kids can also sleep along the way. If you are after a very long flight, it helps that you can just sit down and rest.

Limousine airport Gold CoastMake reservations now

Your worry about limo service is that it might cost you a lot. The truth is that the rates are affordable. To begin with, there are different limo sizes for you to choose from. You can also ask for quotations in advance. You can check the rates online and give payments online. Once your payment has been pushed through, you can keep the receipt as your reservation is done. Also, you can check our luxurious SUV and sedan available MERCEDES E-CLASS.

Limoscanner is one of the leading companies when it comes to online limo reservation. You have nothing to worry about if you partner with them as they have provided services in the past. They will guarantee you that you will have a smooth ride all the way to your hotel. You can also request for a limo service to pick you up at the hotel and back to the airport, or even during the entire trip. Visiting Perth can be a lot more exciting.


Explore the Real Chicago Through a Car Rental Service

Lately, Chicago has been on the news for all the wrong reasons. Increase in crime rate, shootings and other problems might be first on your mind if you think about Chicago. However, this city has a lot more to offer. To ensure your plan is carrying through, we are proud to present one of our best limo the 14 Passenger Lincoln Navigator Stretch SUV Limo. Beyond what you hear on the headlines is a city that has strong sense of neighborhood and lots of great tourist attractions. Your group will experience a 4 hours wine tasting at local wineries or breweries of your choice in Chicago Limo Wine Tours to Southwest Michigan.

The Art Institute of Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo, Field Museum of Natural History and the Adler Planetarium are some of the best places that you can visit while you are in the city. Of course, you should not miss out on their hotdogs and pizzas in which Chicago is quite known for. You may ride with our greatest limo bus  36 Passenger Limo Bus. As soon as you move around the city, you will realize that it is way better than what has been shown on the news. Though crimes happen here and there, it is generally safe and it’s local government is doing everything possible to keep the people safe.

The only problem that you might encounter in Chicago is traffic. It is one of the largest cities in the United States. Therefore, moving from one place to another could be such a hassle. You might start losing your interest in traveling before you can even get to another destination. But let us not allow traffic be the barrier of our travel in chicago Point to Point.

This can only happen if you wait for public buses or trains. Getting a cab could also be a huge problem if there are a lot of people visiting your chosen tourist attraction. This can be easily solved through car rental service. We have our 29 Passenger Limo Bus that may help you celebrate your special day. You can check out Loyalty Limo for help on this matter. There are a lot of different vehicles for you to choose from. If there are only a few of you heading to this trip, you can choose a smaller vehicle. If you are bringing the entire family or friends with you, then a bigger limousine would be nice. It can contain several people depending on your request. They also offer a bus if you are on a group tour.

Booking made easy

It won’t take time for you to reserve your vehicle rental. You just need to fill out the online application form. You can check out their website to determine which vehicle you need and how many people will travel with you during the trip. You can also ask for special request like snacks and meals. You will be informed how much you need to pay for all these services. if you are fine with it, then you can go ahead and send your payment online.

You might think that private car rental is expensive. It is even amplified if you use a limousine. The truth is it is not. You can even save more money especially if you are traveling in huge groups. You also save a lot of time. If you compute the amount that you will save in the end, even if you book a limo, you can say that you have made the right decision. Go ahead and plan your trip now and discover the best of Chicago.

Touring Brisbane in Style

Brisbane is such a vibrant city, where locals and tourists alike bask in. You can visit Brisbane and enjoy what the city has to offer, and it has a lot. You can go around and enjoy the sights and sounds, but what would make it a lot more special is if you hire a limo service to get you around the city. Limoscanner can provide a limo service for you and your party for your Brisbane tour. Make your visit to the city more memorable by touring it in opulent style.  Here are just some of the attractions that you can enjoy in Brisbane.

Story Bridge

You can get there to the breathtaking views on Story Bridge anytime of the day you visit with 14 passenger Hummer Stretch provided by Pimpin Limos and Bus Service. On the north you can see the Glasshouse Mountains and down south you can feast your eyes on the Gold Coast Hinterland. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can even opt to abseil down the bridge for 30 meters and satiate your hunger for adventure.

Beach Fun

If you want to go to the beach but are not willing to go far, you can hire 888 Limo to go to the man-made beach right smack in the city with their Mercedes Benz S550. There is also Aquativity, a water play park that is perfect if you have kids with you. The best thing about the beach is not only the white sand and tropical trees, but it is free for all.

Queensland Art Gallery and GoMa

If you are a lover of contemporary art, then the Queensland Art Gallery and GoMa are the places for you. Together with Somerton Limousines there’s nothing more extravagant than pulling up to these art galleries in a 1984 Rolls Royce Stretch Limousine. You will surely be a head turner. The galleries themselves are already eye candies, and when you explore inside you will also see indigenous art proudly displayed.

Chocolate Tour

Now who doesn’t love chocolates? You can have a two-hour chocolate walking tour to eight different stores selling a multitude of chocolates. You can have your fill with all the taste testing and buy some to take home with you.


A vacation is never complete without a little – or a lot – of shopping. Brisbane’s The Collective Markets is situated in Stanley Street Plaza and it is where you can find creations by rising artists selling their prized items. You can go on Friday evenings and on weekends and fill the boot of the limo with your loot.

Gastronomic Tour

Esquire is Brisbane’s finest restaurant, and you too can enjoy its offerings when you visit the city. Not only will you enjoy the food at Esquire, but also when you wine and dine you will be treated to a view of Story Bridge and the ferries cruising the river.

You can choose from a fleet of limos and other vehicles that will suit your needs and preference.  If you want a hassle-free tour, Limoscanner can also arrange Brisbane tours for you so you don’t have to work up a sweat creating an itinerary to maximize your vacation in Brisbane. Arranging a tour with Limoscanner is super easy and you can even make some detours. You just have to inform y our driver where else you want to go.

How to Get a Limo Service When Traveling in Major US Cities

You might immediately shrug off the idea of getting a limo service. You might think it is too expensive. You also don’t know how it works. You have this mentality that this service is exclusive for the elites who can afford the price.

You might be surprised with the truth that this is a service a lot of people try to avail. As long as you want a comfortable ride during your trip and you don’t want to be late at your destinations, you can go ahead and give this a try.

For most key cities in the US, limo services are available. You don’t have to be a celebrity to travel in style in New Orleans or Boston. You also don’t have to get stuck in Chicago or Seattle’s heavy traffic. With this service, you can just sit comfortably on your limo and travel anywhere you want. You can appreciate every place that you visit as you feel fresh upon arrival. You don’t feel tired or irritated.

How to book the limo service

Our company extends help to people who wish to get a limo service. The process is very simple.

1. Inquire about the availability of the service. This is through an online job hire. You need to indicate what vehicle you want to hire, how many people will take the ride, the rental dates and your itinerary. Fill out a form available online.

2. We will give you choices that match your expectations. They might come from different limo companies that have been our partners for a long time. We will make sure that you will only get a reliable limo service provider.

3. Read reviews and ratings to help you in making your final decision. Take into consideration what other people have to say, especially those who have tried the services in the past.

Free limo quote inforgraphics

Limoscanner will give you a rough estimate of the cost for this service. The price includes only the limo rental plus the chauffeur’s fee. The other expenses like taxes, gas, toll or personal assistant fee, are not yet included on the price quotation. The advantage off getting a free limo quote from limoscanner is the transparency of all the fees, such as gratuity, toll fees, waiting etc. The limousine vendor is required to submit all the fees, so there are no hidden charges.

Make a final decision on which limo service you want to reserve. If you are done, you can place your payment online to finalize your reservation. We accept payment via credit cards, debit cards and e-payments.

Wait for the limo service to pick you up on the day of your trip. Your chauffeur will be there to hold a sign for you to identify. If not, someone from the limo service company will be there to guide you. They will also help carry your luggage. This makes things a lot easier and comfortable.

Enjoy your trip

After picking you up, you can now proceed with the actual trip. You will first be sent to your hotel for you to get rested. You can have the trip on the same day if that’s what you have mentioned in the itinerary. If there are changes, you can inform the chauffeur in advance to map out the route. Take note that it can be very busy for some key cities in the US sometimes. Your chauffeur needs to know your schedule to find a way to avoid traffic.

Getting a limo service next time

We have several clients trusting us for our limo service. In fact, we have provided them with the best possible service in the past and so they keep asking for our help while traveling to other major cities. It also helps that you leave reviews and ratings for the services you have received. This will help others who will get the same services in the future.

If you are planning to visit other cities in the US or around the world, you can just follow the same steps. Rest assured, we have the best services available for you. Make sure that you inform us in advance so we can link you with a limo service company.

With a limo service, you no longer have to think about using public transportation if you move from one place to another. You will be totally rested. You can also enjoy the trip as you feel fresh each time you arrive at a destination. This is why even if you have to pay more for transportation cost, it is fine. You are getting your money’s worth anyway.

Considering a Limo Service When Traveling to Key Cities in USA

The land down under definitely has a lot to offer. From pristine beaches to its rich cultural heritage, United States is worth visiting. Considering all the places that you have to visit, going there for a week or two is surely not enough.

It is even worsened by the fact that you have to battle against traffic and a huge crowd. It means that moving from one place to another could be a huge challenge. This is why you must consider getting a limo service when you are in USA.

The first thing that enters your mind could be that that this is expensive. Limo rides are usually taken by celebrities or rich businessmen. The truth is that with the availability of limo service rental, it doesn’t have to be limited to these groups of people. Even ordinary people like you can book a limo service now. As a good example, you can take New York Airport limo pick up that can fit 6 passengers, which comes down to only 57 dollars per person. However, the quality of service is unprecedented with meet & greet at the gate.

How to make reservations

Making reservations is very easy. To begin with, you need quotations. You need to know how much you have to spend first so you can decide whether you are going to make reservations or not. You have to fill out a form that lets you decide what your preferences are. Aside from your basic information, you will also be asked about the number of passengers that will use the vehicle and the type of limo that you wish to reserve. You will also be asked when you need the vehicle and which places in United States you wish to visit.

One of the most popular cities to visit in US is Las Vegas. And it is very important to choose verified and liscened limo companies to make sure your vacation is not spoiled by late arrival or malfunctioned airconditioning.

Once you have submitted the form, you will soon receive the price quotation for the services you wish to avail of. You can decide whether you are going to book or not. It is also important that you check what is covered on the payment. Usually, the basic payment includes the rental fee and the payment for the chauffeur. You might have to pay for gas and toll separately. Overtime pay will also be charged separately.

You can also check what else is included in your payment. Usually, limo service rental comes with complimentary meals and drinks. If they throw a bottle of champagne as part of your payment, you definitely have to grab it. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to choose from readily available limo packages, like limo city tours and you can save some money by availing those deals.

There are also additional payments if you request for a special assistant. This person can help you when you are partying inside the vehicle. If you have other special requests during the ride, your personal assistant can be of help.

Once you have double-checked the details and you agree with the terms and conditions, you can go ahead and book the limo service. During your trip, you will wait at the place of pickup that you mentioned on the form. You will then be brought straight to your hotel or to your next destination. There is no need to wait for a long time.

Book with us now

At Limoscanner, we will make sure that you are matched with the right company to help you out. There are tons of companies offering limo services out there. You might be confused which of them would be perfect for you. Given your financial restrictions and preferences, we will help match you with the right company. You can decide later on if you have the best match and go ahead with your booking.

It also helps that you read more about the company through reviews and ratings. Of course, you can also leave reviews and testimonials once you are done with your trip.

  Get free limo quote infographics.

You deserve a comfortable ride

United Staes has a lot to offer. You want to explore the country and feel fresh throughout the entire leg of the trip. This could be a huge challenge especially if you have to take public transportation. With a limo service, you will be totally comfortable. You can even sleep during the trip. Even if you get stuck in traffic, it does not matter. You will still feel relaxed. You won’t be stressed out. You can see only the best of US.

This is why you must try booking limo rental services next time if you visit other major cities in the world. Rest assured, there are affordable options for you. Just compare the options available and find out which one would be perfect given your budget.

Avail of the Best Prom Limo Services in San Francisco Now

Prom is a night to be remembered. It is where you finally go out on your own without the supervision of parents. You can stay out late at night and do whatever you want.

It is also the moment when you bond with friends and do crazy stuff you don’t normally do, or you are not allowed to do. Some people push the boundaries while others are still careful not to do anything wrong.

If you want this prom to be a night you will remember forever, why don’ you rent a limo? You will surely have a grand entrance the moment you arrive at your prom venue. People will look at you and be amazed at the service you have chosen to get there. When you arrive with a partner, she will definitely be impressed. Prom is about making a statement and being remembered. No one will forget you the moment you create a grand entrance with this limo and your partner will most likely going to thank you for creating such a memory.

There are many prom packages are offered by limo companies, onc of them is Capitol Limousine in San Francisco, such as 4hours Cadillac SUV, that fits 6 passengers for as low at $220 dollars. Which amounts to only $36.67 dollars per person.

The after party

Once your prom is over, you don’t need to head home. In fact, the night is still young. This is your chance to make the most out of it. You can invite your close friends to join you in the limo ride. After all, there are limousines that can fit in even up to 20 people. You can travel around the city first and continue partying while inside the limo.

Another limo company Cloud 9 Limousine offers prom packages where you pay for 5 hours and get 6th hour free! You can get an 8 passenger stretched limousine for $880 dollars. Same price you can get for the pink limousine for 8 passengers. For bigger group you can get 20 Passenger Black Hummer Strech Limousine for $1600 USD, once again this includes one hour free.

If you are in San Francisco, the night doesn’t seem to end. Therefore, you can stay up late and party hard. For sure, you are not the only one having a good time at that point in time. You also have the chance to explore San Francisco by night and appreciate its sheer beauty. To top it all, San Francisco has a lot of pubs and bars that close late. Therefore, you can head to those places and continue having fun.

Be warned though that if you are underage, you will most likely be not allowed to enter. Nevertheless, if you are in a limo service, you can go ahead and continue having fun.

Limo services

Butterfly Limousine Service is aiming to dominate the prom market with the price, such as Chevrolet Suburban for $340.00 (6 pax) as low as $56.67 per pax. And STRETCH LIMOUSINE $380.00 (10 pax) from $38.00 per pax.

The good thing about taking prom limo services in San Francisco is that you will be given an excellent chauffeur. If your parents worry too much, you are in good hands. You can even hire an assistant to help you out during the trip. You can also order food and drinks while inside the limo. You can ask for non-alcoholic beverages too. Loud music may also be played during the ride.

Best Prom Limo Services in San Francisco

The limo itself is already a perfect party venue for you. If the idea of using a limo to your prom is exciting, go ahead and reserve one now. You can check out Limoscanner for the best deals possible. You don’t have to worry about the rates. Rest assured, they are within your budget. Besides, it is as if you are spending money for prom night even again. This is your chance to splurge.

PDX Limo Service

If you happen to be in Portland, Oregon and you are in need of a limousine or a party bus for whatever purpose, let PDX Limo Service provide you with the most excellent limo service in town. Owned and operated out of Portland, The company can take you and your party into and around the city and surrounding areas in style and comfort. Years and years in the limo industry has made them the best limo service in town. With professional and courteous chauffeurs and elegant and clean fleet of limousines and party buses, you are sure to enjoy every minute you are onboard.

Get Married in Style and Luxury

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Getting married in style and luxury is every bride’s dram. That is why PDX Limo Service offers the best wedding limo service any bride can ever ask for. She will feel like a queen on her big day onboard her very own limousine. If you have a wedding planner, PDX can coordinate to provide you the customized service you need and want. PDX will pull out all stops to give you the best day of your life. You can have your limo stocked with sparkling champagne to calm any jitters you may have or keep you excited until you arrive at you wedding venue. You can choose from the company’s fleet of vehicles that will suit your bride’s taste and fantasy. The bride and groom will have all the privacy they can ever ask for. From the moment the bride is picked up from the hotel down to the wedding venue, she can expect to be serviced with courtesy, promptness and privacy by our professional chauffeur. If the couple need a place to get away from all the people at the wedding party, they can head into the limo to have a private moment to relax and enjoy each other’s company. And when it’s time to head for the honeymoon, the chauffeur will be there waiting to whisk the newlyweds away.

Limoscanner.com  will help to choose the best wedding limo package in any city to assure smoothly  get through this happiest moment.



Transport Your Business Executives Comfortably

Having executives visit your business is commonplace, so what better way to transport them to and from the airport to their hotels and your office than in a stretch limo? PDX Limo Service services passengers coming from Troutdale, Hillsboro and Portland International airports. If you have multiple guests, we can accommodate them in one vehicle up to 30 persons, or if you have more than 30 guests at any one time, we can accommodate you vehicle needs.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

PDX Limo Service is available 24/7 so you do not have to worry about fetching guests on a red eye flights. No matter what time of day it is, our professional chauffeur will turn up on the dot.

Limoscanner.com promises satisfaction on every service that we provide. Hassle-free bookings and reservations can be done online. We can give you a quote on the spot by filling out the form on the website.





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Booking Limousine for Columbus Day Celebration in New York

Columbus Day is an annual celebration to commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America. It happened exactly on October 12, 1492. However, since 1970, the celebration is held every second Monday of October. This year, it will be on October 10. This is one of the biggest celebrations in New York. There are tons of activities prepared over the weekends and on the actual day. This is also a day dedicated to the celebration of the American-Italian heritage. This is also the largest celebration of its kind around the world.



What happens during Columbus Day?

There are over 35,000 marchers expected to join in this year’s celebration. There are over 100 groups that include bands and floats. It is such a big event as there are over half million spectators expected to come. The main activities will be at New York’s 5th Avenue.

Since it started, the number of people joining the parade keeps getting bigger. It has in fact become a globally televised event. Entertaining acts and talented bands are expected to perform during the parade which starts up 5th Avenue from 44th to 72ndstreet.

This celebration is a day for taking pride in the American-Italian heritage. There are world-class bands from both the United States and Italy that are expected to perform. Traditional folk dances and century-old dances are also expected to be seen during the parade. These performers have prepared for months just to come up a spectacular performance for this celebration.

Taking part in the parade

If you are one of the invited groups to join the parade, then you need to present something that looks amazing on television and will surely take the spectators’ breaths away. Take note that this is a day of festivities and organizers will come up with something unique to entertain everyone. The best way for your organization to stand out is by renting a limousine. You can also decorate the exteriors to make it more suitable to the event. The most easy and cost-efficient way is rental with limoscanner.com. Here you find the biggest choice of luxury limousines in New York  from most trusted vendors, such as Dial 7 or Gotham Limousine.

Even if you are not joining the parade but you wish to discover New York during the Columbus Day celebration, then you need a limousine. The entire city will be very crowded. Getting a cab or moving from one area to another could be a huge trouble. It would be great if you have a limousine to carry you around with ease. You don’t have to waste your time waiting for a cab or miss the most memorable activities just because you got stuck on the road.

Book your limousine now

This celebration happens only once a year. You don’t want to miss out on anything. Starting from the Columbus Day weekend up until the actual celebration, there are a lot of exciting things for you to see. You’ll definitely experience the best that New York has to offer especially during Columbus Day by riding a luxury vehicle. Most of all, you can drink all you want inside the limo and still feel safe. Invite your friends to come with you and witness this wonderful occasion. LimoScanner is the best choice when it comes to limo services. With our affordable rates and high quality service, you won’t regret hiring with us.

A Dream Limousine

A Dream Limousine is located in the heart of the city Jacksonville, Florida to service clients with whatever limo service they need: airport transfers, tours of the city, parties, weddings and many other special occasions.

If you happen to live in Jacksonville, Florida or planning to go there on vacation or a business trip, there is nothing more satisfying than going around the city in a limousine, chauffeured by a friendly and professional limo driver to get you where you need to be on the dot. A Dream Limousine is located in the heart of the city to service clients with whatever limo service they need: airport transfers, tours of the city, parties, weddings and many other special occasions, or even just an ordinary ride made extraordinary by one of their elegant limousines.


Brand New Fleet of Limousines



A Dream Limousine has a fleet of almost all brand new limousines with very low mileages. As all vehicles presented at limoscanner.com it is intended to better serve clients and make them feel comfortable and luxurious throughout their ride.  TheDenali SUV limousine is the company’s newest addition their fleet, which is the only one in the whole city of Jacksonville. Their limousine service can take you around Jacksonville and other surrounding cities such as Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and many others.

A Limousine for Every Occasion

You don’t need a special occasion to ride a luxurious limousine. If you fancy a ride to work in a limousine, you can certainly do so, but if you are celebrating a milestone such as a birthday, wedding proposal or prom, let A Dream Limousine take you to your destination. You can arrange for food and drinks to be served in the limo to while away the time with your friends and family and so that you can enjoy the experience fully.

With limoscanner.com you can be assured that all our vendors provide you with extra high quality services such as  birthday, wedding proposal or prom packages.

The company’s newest limousine, the Denali SUV limo can accommodate up to 20 passengers, which is perfect for group outings such as proms, graduations, concerts and birthday parties. It will take you and your group on a ride around the city while you party the night away on board the limo, with food and drinks to keep you full.

Business trips are also made elegant and more comfortable with any of the limos in the company’s fleet. Visiting Jacksonville and nearby cities for business does not need to be a hassle from the airport, to the hotel, to your business meeting. A driver will arrive on your hotel on the dot, extending the best limo service you can ever look for. The company’s drivers are knowledgeable on the city’s traffic situation and which roads to best take to avoid getting stuck and traffic and making you late for your business appointment.

The company owns all of the limousines that they use for their varying services. Rates depend on several factors such as the type of limousine the client chose, the number of hours the limo will be used, among other things. Clients can reserve and book limo services online, and can rest assured that a driver will be there on the date and time itself. Should you require more time than the agreed number of hours to use the service, as long as there is no succeeding booking on the same limousine, the driver can accommodate your request, and the succeeding hours will be billed accordingly.


Spotting Scams in Hiring a Limo Service

Although the Internet is a great source of information, not everything you see and read is true. A lot of people use the Internet with the ill intent of scamming people out of their money and resources for their own good. This rings true in marketing ploys of companies to dupe potential clients without offering legitimate products and services.

The limo industry is not immune to such scams. There are ‘legit’ limo companies that entice clients to hire their ‘services’ but the clients end up being scammed out of their hard earned money. If you are one of many who rely on limo services for special occasions and business trips, there are ways you can do to avoid being scammed.

The best way to find information about particular limo company is to read limo reviews from its customers. However, there are two problems with that. First, reviews of limousine companies are scattered all over dozens of websites, like Yelp, Tripadvisor, YelloPages (YP) and even wedding wire and TheKnot.com and so on and so on. On limoscanner.com we combine all the customer reviewes of particular limo company in one place. This way, you can get the objective point of view, even if the limo company will try to hide negative reviews.

Second, some positive reviews are left by request of the limo companies’ management or negative reviews by competitors. By being able to compare reviews from different sources, you can separate real reviews from fake ones.

Do a Fact Check

Because the Internet is where you can get the most information, be they true or not, exhaust your resources in fact checking the limo company you are aiming to hire. The first thing to look at is the website. Does it have its own domain or is it a hosted website. Most, if not all, legit limo companies have their own domain names, usually the company’s name. If the site is hosted, it can be a red flag. Another thing to check is the address provided. Use Google maps to look for the address. The Street View feature is a great way of checking the company’s address. You will see if there really is a fleet of cars on the garage, or if it is just a vacant lot. If you live nearby, you can also drive by the address to see for yourself. There are also limousine associations for legitimate companies such as limoscanner.com. You can check it and see if your intended company is a member or otherwise.

Also, limoscanner.com will display the actual photos of the vehicles that are owned by the limousine companies. The generic and fake pictures will be deleted or blocked by our moderators.

Avoid limo scams on limoscanner


If the Offer’s too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Limo companies offer discounts and special rates to Internet users to entice them to hire their services. These discounts and promos are a good marketing ploy, but if the offers are too good to be true, they probably are. Be wary of very big discounts that appear like the company will no longer profit from the services; they may be scams to get you to pay for the reservation and then run with your money. A discount of 5% to 10% on the services is realistic; more than that and you have to evaluate if the offer is legit or otherwise.

Our state-of-the-art intuitive quote request system allows only verified and trusted vendors to submit the the bid for the specific vehicle with the actual photos.

We go an extra mile to provide our visitors with only verified and trusted vendors. Only limo companies with perfect reputation will receive our limoscanner approval Check mark. Such companies as Luxor Limo – NYC in New York. Or Commonwealth Limo Service in Boston.

Booking a limo service online will save you a lot of hassle. You won’t have to go out of the house to book a service. But if you can and if possible, try to go to a physical office to get a service reserved or booked. This way you can be sure that the company won’t run away with your money. And check the fleet of vehicles on their garage; if their website is full of brand new and modern vehicles and the photos look like they are lifted from stock photo websites, run and never look back. It pays to be aware of the services that you are booking to avoid being scammed.

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