Fact: Consumers are influenced by reviews for products and services through customer reviews, word of mouth and social media.

The internet being the new media, has greatly influenced how patrons find new business, product and services. Consumer reviews are your most trusted source of information on a product or service. It is 12 times more trusted than the description being provided by the manufacturers themselves based on a US survey. 61% of people are reliant on user reviews for products and services before a decision is made to buy or avail of services. 73% trust online recommendations and 44% of moms use social media for brand recommendations. Facebook, blogs, site feedback and comments section also prove to be a resource for getting information before buying.

Traditional word of mouth facts is also relied upon before making decisions. The average consumer mentions specific brands/services 90 times per week when conversing with friends, co-workers and family. When asked about what made you decide to buy this product or avail of a service, 71% say that a review from friends or family members play a big role in getting to that decision. 90% of people trust online reviews from people they know and 70% trust opinions of people they don’t know.

Given these information, it is a proven and tested reality that purchasing or availing of products are highly influenced by reviews. It is recommended that you read reviews for hundreds of limo and party bus rental companies on Limoscanner. With these reviews, you can make an informed decision in choosing which company to go with when renting a chauffeured car service. People who take time out to provide positive reviews means they were truly satisfied with the service. Same goes for the bad reviews too.

Advantages in reading limo and party bus rental company reviews are as follows:

  • You get first- hand information on the quality and service of the limo and party bus rental companies from those who already rented and experienced the service themselves.
  • You can compare notes from the reviews and gauge the company’s reliability and efficiency
  • You are not only depended on the company’s vehicle or fleet description, as reviews made by consumers would provide you with the actual look or feel of the vehicles as they have ridden and made use of the service.
  • Reviews on staff, and chauffeurs can be seen so you have an idea of who to pick and request for a chauffeur if applicable.
  • Be aware of other policies or rules that may not be included in the site but is implemented once you’ve booked your vehicle.

These are some of the advantages in reading reviews. This benefits you as a consumer since you have an idea of how the service is from people who have experienced. This takes away the guesswork of who to choose when booking with Limoscanner. Once you’ve seen the reviews, you can book through the website for airport transfer, wedding, corporate events, and a lot more. Reserve your chauffeur driven limousine with us today.


The best time to be in #Sydney would be from May 26th to June 17th for Vivid Sydney. Vivid Sydney is an #extraordinary annual event of light, ideas and music. It features cutting edge outdoor lighting sculptures, contemporary music programs, and of course the illumination of the famed Sydney Opera House sails. The festival also features world renowned creative industry forums. This multi-awarded winter festival is bigger this 2017 showcasing mesmerizing new light art, an expanded multi-genre music, more stimulating ideas from creators and global thinkers, plus art and lights across the city. Be entertained with different activities, forums, displays, lighting sculptures across the city.

Going around #Sydney on any occasion or event is made more fun and exciting just by having #MY LIMO AUSTRALIA or #Corporate Chauffeurs Gold Coast to go around the town riding a chauffeured limousine or a #stretchhummer.

Here are some of the sights to visit in Sydney during the festival:

Sydney Opera House

The sculptural elegance of the Sydney Opera House is something you should not miss when going around Sydney. It located in Bennelong Point and can be seen along the harbor. One of the most recognizable structures in the world, the Sydney Opera House boasts of unmissable events held daily also presenting the best of the Australian performing arts. As the light shows are on for the duration of the Vivid Festival, be witness to the dazzling light displays that can be seen in the Opera House.

Sydney Harbour

Have your picture taken in the Sydney Harbour Bridge while having the Opera House in the background. This a prominent feature in Sydney that has attracted tourist’s interest since it was built. You can also book a Bridge climb to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. If you’re hungry, you can take a Sydney Harbour Sunset or Dinner Cruise. Circular Quay works best in exploring Sydney Harbour by starting with the Museum of Contemporary Art and Customs House and on the other side would be the Sydney Botanic Garden. Even on the way to these venues, you can see a wide array of visuals and lighting sculpures all over the city. Light shows and fireworks displays will be seen in the harbor as part of the Vivid Festival.

Museums in Sydney

To learn more about the culture and heritage of #Australia, you can book a ride to see the different museums in Sydney. Start off with the Art Gallery of South Wales in Art Gallery Road where it features a selection of art exhibits and events from all over the world. Next would be Hyde Park Barracks Museum in Macquarie Street is a historic landmark you should not miss. Another museum would be the Australian National Maritime Museum in Murray Street which has several ongoing exhibits and kid’s activities lined up. Go around town on a chauffeured car for ease and convenience.

These events and #sights to see are made more pleasurable with #Sydney Elite Limo since you wouldn’t need to worry about transportation to and from these events. Limoscanner.com is just a click away to provide you with our limousine services. Book now and get the best in #transportation services and enjoy Sydney in comfort and style.



Visiting #HongKong from overseas? Or wanting to go around Hong Kong in a chauffeured car service? +Blacklane and #LeadTimeLimousineServiceCompanyLimited are one of the best company you can count on. You must be wondering what it would cost for you to enjoy a comfortable ride when in Hong Kong. Here’s the list of some of the #best #rates here when you rent a car with an English- speaking driver.

Airport Transfer Rates

Destination                                                    Toyota Alphard      Mercedes Benz
HK airport to Kowloon, HK                                US$190                   US$350
HK airport to HK island                                      US$240                   US$400
Hong Kong airport to Dongguan                       US$450                   US$730
(Dongguan Wancheng,Houjie)
Hong Kong airport to Guangzhou Panyu        US$550                   US$880
Hong Kong airport to Dongguan                       US$420                   US$700
Hong Kong airport to Guangzhou                     US$520                   US$850
downtown (Tianhe,Yuexiu)
Hong Kong airport to Dongguan                       US$400                    US$680
HK airport to Shenzhen downtown                 US$300                     US$500

For airport transfer, price is inclusive of driver and car, and is all inclusive. #Airport parking provided for on time airport arrival service. There is 30- minute free waiting time for airport pick-ups and 10 minutes free waiting time for hotel, office or street pick-ups. There is a night surcharge of additional US$50 from 11PM to 7AM. If you wish for additional service, a VIP service for international flights is available. Take away the hassle of checking in your heavy luggage and long lines in the airport. We offer services wherein we contract with well-connected and highly experienced airport concierges that are available for you. They will personally meet arriving or departing passengers and assist with check-in luggage and any other services that may be required by passengers. For only US$ 180 per head, you can avail of this personalized service.

Car Rental for Full Day/8 Hour Service

VEHICLE CLASS       VEHICLE TYPE                      CAPACITY                 RATES
Top of the Line     Mercedes Benz S350    4 including Chauffeur      US$1300
Minivan                        Toyota Vellfire        8 including Chauffeur      US$820
Minivan                        Toyota Alphard      7 including Chauffeur      US$800

For car rentals, like the company #TransIslandLimousineServiceLimited price includes car and English- speaking driver in Hong Kong. Prices posted are inclusive of fuel and taxes. Should there be any toll charges, it will be charged at cost. Other car models, chauffeur driven limousine services, 28 seater bus, 45 seater bus rates are available upon request.

#Driver service tips and luggage handling is included in posted rates. No show will be charged 100% of the invoiced amount and 50% cancellation charges will apply if cancellation is done a day before contracted date. Additional US$ to be charged for extra stop on the way to drop off point. Maximum claims for luggage damage or loss is US$13.

These are only a few of the list from our fleet of vehicles at #Limoscanner. By simply going to the website, you can select from the wide list of cars, SUVs, minivans, #limousines, #luxury car models, and #buses that are available. #Book with us through the website and expect quotations to be sent to you within minutes so you can decide and choose right away. Booking is made easy and charges reflected do not have hidden fees or surcharges. You are guaranteed of great service and quality with affordable rates.



Something big and exciting happens when spring and fall season arrives.  Aside from the great weather, it’s the season for trade shows!
What is the importance of trade shows? It’s the perfect opportunity to find your suppliers. If you do a lot of online business, sometimes you run out of resources for suppliers. In order for your online business to flourish, you should have more than one or two suppliers.
According to a survey, Amazon sellers who have reached the multi-million dollar mark are most likely to attend trade show than those who are not making as much. So, it is important that you always grab the opportunity to attend trade shows for the success of your online business.
If you are an online seller, whether thru Amazon or any online selling platform, you will have to be creative in finding resources for your supplies. It is very convenient to do a search on the internet for unique goods or products to sell on your website. But there are still a lot of businesses and industries that you haven’t tapped for the main reason that they do not sell their products online. It’s either they haven’t discovered the advantages of online selling which has a growing market base that could cross overseas boundaries. Or simply, these sellers do not have the connectivity to the internet. These are the products you must find because most likely buyers will not find them on the internet. Trade shows are important because these sellers find the venue to expose their products and the opportunity to expand their client base.
In #Canton, trade shows are a plenty, you just have to find the location where it is being held. If you are attending a trade show for the first time, it is important you find the exact location where the event is being held. Get the exact details on how to get there, what are the dates and time the trade show will be happening and what industries are participating.
Canton addresses might be confusing so to avoid getting lost in the city, it would be best to hire a reliable car rental service like #hertzhongkong in Limoscanner website. You will appear more professional if you arrive at the trade show on time and without looking harassed or bewildered from your state of being “lost” among the busy streets. Professional car rental services #LimoServiceHongKong are very familiar with all the ins and outs of the city so they will be able to get you to your proper destination in no time. The drivers are very friendly and will be able to converse with you in English so you can communicate well with them in giving the exact location of the #tradefair you are attending. The drivers are familiar with the flow of traffic in #Canton so they can give you a proper estimate of how long it will take to get to your destination. You can hire the chauffered car rental in #WingHingHireCar for the entire day or to just take you to and from the trade fair.


If you are an expat or a foreigner in the #Philippines for the first time, you will have to get acquainted with the way traffic goes around here. #Manila and #Cebu are one of the busiest and most progressive cities in the #islands. These are the centers of #business and the most populated #cities so expect that traffic will be heavy in these areas.

Traffic is something you can hardly ignore or avoid in these two cities. It is both boon and a bane. It does signify that these areas are #economically viable and having your own #car is a status symbol of #wealth and #luxury. It is easy to have #ownership to your own car in the #Philippines as long as you have the money for it. You can buy your own private car from car distributors or on websites that sell second hand cars like OLX. If you intend to stay in the Philippines permanently or on a long term basis like a few years, the convenience of having your own car is more than luxury. It becomes a necessity because it spares you from having to sit through traffic using public transport like buses or a taxi, which though economical, can be very inconvenient. You can also take a limousine service for special occasions.

With your own private car, you can navigate the #streets of Manila and Cebu using alternate #roads which are plenty. You can avoid traffic by being well acquainted with the side streets or the time when traffic is not so heavy during certain hours or days of the week. Once you know the urban landscape, you will find ways to get to your #destination with the least inconvenience as long as you are the one driving the car. At the very least, hire a driver who is adept with the roads and the local language so that you can #communicate where you want to go and how to get there.

However, buying a second hand car may be a big risk especially if you don’t know anything about maintaining a car. You’ll find it easy to buy a second hand car because there’s quite a lot when you do a search on the internet. But sometimes, if you’re not an expert mechanic or know a thing about cars, you may end up buying car that is below your expectations. Second hand cars are either old or needs a lot of repairs. It will end up being costlier to maintain than just buying a brand new car.

#Renting a car is a better option. Having a chauffeured rental service is even better. You can select from a wide range of models that you would like to use for a specific period of time. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the vehicle, you can easily have it replaced with a better one. Reputable car rental services like #Limoscanner are reliable when it comes to providing you with quality vehicles with the added service of hiring a driver if you prefer. You won’t have to worry about the cost of maintaining the vehicles because they make sure these are in top condition before letting them out on the streets. If you hire the driver along with the vehicle, you won’t have to worry about mundane things like how to find parking for the car (he can do that for you), or where to find the street you are looking for or even avoid getting into any traffic violations that you are not aware off.



#Limoscanner makes it easy to get a chauffeured limousine service any time of the day. By visiting the website, you can fill out the necessary fields with information needed in our automated system and be assured to get a quote in minutes. You can also find the selection of vehicles that are available in your area. The posted rates are as it is and are inclusive of all fees. We pride ourselves on being transparent in terms of charges and fees, thus, there would be no surprise surcharges or additional costs. Once you receive a quote in your e-mail you can choose from those sent by our partner vendors in your area. Once you’ve selected your preferred quote, continue with the booking to reserve the vehicle of your choice.
There are also special offers and promotions from Best Way Limo that are ongoing that is available to you in your area. These are for the #limousines and party buses. An example of our ongoing promotion is get 1 hour free service if you are renting for the evening. Each of the postings for the limousines and party buses also have detailed information about the #vehicle so you would know what to expect as from the rides as we as it’s inclusions when you make a reservation. This makes it easier for you to make an informed decision before selecting a vehicle and booking.
If you have any questions or if you are encountering any difficulties in the online quote system, we can be reached at our numbers posted so you can speak to our company representative who can assist you. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect limousine or party bus depending on the number of guest for your event.
It is highly recommended that reservations be made well in advance for any special events you may have so you can lock in your preferred vehicle you want to rent for the occasion at Partners Executive Transportation. Party buses are very in demand for concerts, popular gatherings, conventions and big sporting events so it is best that you book and reserve advance so your choice of #vehicle will not be taken by someone else. The demand for limousines and party buses are high as they are the top picks of our customers.
For #weddings, we have the best fleet from Special Occasion Limousine that can support any size of wedding functions. You can opt to book for the entire entourage and special guest for the wedding. For guests who are coming from out of the country or out of town to attend the wedding, you can take advantage of our airport transfer services. We offer airport pick-ups and bring them to the hotel or place where they would be staying and shuttle them back to the #airport for departure. Rates for round trip airport transfers are more economical and cost effective. Book months in advance for limousine services to make the necessary arrangement. Customize your limousine to reflect the motif and flower arrangements.


Going around Metro #Manila or #anywhere in the #Philippines, it is common that #vans are rented out for this #purpose. Coming from the #airport, airport transfers are usually in rented vans to allow more space for luggage and added legroom and comfort for #passengers. There are a lot of private vans for #hire which you can contract on an #hourly, #daily, or extended periods depending on your need. You can choose between a chauffeured car service or simply drive the van and just rent out the vehicle. Hire vans directly from owners or hire from #transportation companies, are the options you have when in the Philippines. To get the #best #rates, it is best to go with Limoscanner.

#Limoscanner offers the best #rates in the #business. By simply going to the website and plugging in the following: date/s, time, drop-off and pick-up points, how many passengers, your vehicle of choice, and other specs, you will get emails for #quotations from our different #vendor partners. Rates quoted are at full cost since we pride ourselves with transparency with our #customers. No need to worry about hidden surcharges or other fees as everything is already included in the costing. Toll charges and other fees may apply but this will also be discussed fully to ensure that #expectations are set with the customers for hassle free transactions. Select from the quotation and proceed with #booking.

Here’s a list of the going rates for chauffeur driven vehicles for rent within Metro Manila only. Prices for provincial #travel is available upon request.

Toyota Innova                                 Rates                         Excess Hours
Daily                                               US$ 46.00                        US$4.00
Weekly                                           US$ 36.00                        US$3.00
Monthly                                         US$900.00                       US$2.00

Toyota Hi Ace                                   Rates                        Excess Hours
Daily                                               US$ 50.00                        US$4.00
Monthly                                         US$1100.00                     US$3.00

Hyundai Starex                                Rates                        Excess Hours
Daily                                                US$140.00                      US$25.00

Toyota Super Grandia                     Rates                        Excess Hours
Daily                                                 US$160.00                     US$25.00

Rates for #Daily and #Weekly are for the first 8 hours, excess hours as indicated below.

#Airport transfer van rentals from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Makati City is only for US$30. For other drop-off points from the airport, check out the website.

Prices are some of the #quotations for the going rate for van rentals within Metro Manila. Inclusions for the van rentals are the driver and the vehicle rented. Not included in prices quoted are driver’s food, parking fees, fuel, toll fees, and other miscellaneous costs incurred during travel. Traffic violation fines are also not included in prices quoted.

It is common in the #Philippines that if you rent a chauffeured #car or limousine service, you shoulder the expenses of the driver such as meals or accommodations of you will be renting the van plus the driver overnight or for longer periods of time. If you will be going out of town and will be staying in a resort or a hotel, you will also be responsible for the driver’s lodgings. Fuel is also not an inclusion thus you need to prepare to have the van loaded with fuel before departure. Vans for rent usually use diesel as fuel which saves you money.



The busy streets of Hong Kong are not for the faint of heart when driving. That’s why it is advisable to get a personal driver to bring you around do you would worry less and just focus on the more important things to do.

Here are some of the reason why you should get a personal driver in Hong Kong:

  • Avoid wait times during odd hours, inconvenient weather, emergencies, or unavailable parking in remote locations. Wait time also involves getting in queue for parking spaces or for valet services. Emergencies include going to the hospital and having a driver would be more convenient as you only need to go down the emergency entrance instead of thinking about parking first before being attended to.
  • Having multiple destinations such as bringing the kids to school, running errands and going to work may prove to be tiring if you would be the designated driver. Having someone drive for you to bring you to different locations saves you more time and makes you more efficient, #HongKongLimousineService will provide that service.
  • Directions and street locations can be difficult most of the time. Getting yourself familiarized with certain locations may take time and consume more gas if you go around in circles looking for the place or venue. Hiring a personal driver from #FlyingEagleBusCompany who is familiar with the city would be more convenient and efficient.
  • Going around town for shopping and visiting historical landmarks is hassle free when you have a chauffeured car service since you don’t need to worry about going to and from each location. You don’t have to worry about lugging your purchases around as the driver is also available to assist you in putting your shopping bags or luggage in the car.

  • If you are going to and from the airport, an airport transfer saves you the worries of getting you there in time for your flight or brining you home or to the hotel. Once you check-out in the airport, the personal car service is ready and waiting for you.
  • When attending meetings, having a personal driver to shuttle you to the meeting is advisable so you can come into the meeting fresh and vibrant and ready for whatever there is to discuss. You do not have to be stressed while driving and can use the time wisely on the way to the meeting to review your agenda or points for discussion if needed with a comfortable #MercedesBenzSClass or a #ToyotaAlphard
  • For #weekends and #parties, having a driver waiting for you to bring you home gives you a sense of security that you don’t need to think about how to get home after enjoying a night out. The same goes for going to the party which you can rent a Toyota Coaster bus. You are secured that you don’t need to worry about your safety as you are safe inside the vehicle and need to think about bumping into strangers or people who would do you harm.

These are only some of the few reasons why you should get a personal driver. For quality transportation services, go to Limoscanner.com to book a limousine service with us.


#Renting a #van is the way to go if you want to go around #Manila or any other city in the #Philippines. It doesn’t matter how many passengers there are, but riding a van is synonymous to comfort. Considering the traffic that you’ll encounter in Metro Manila, renting a van guarantees you of additional space, great leg room and you can even #sleep comfortably if you like during traffic or for long #travel.

There are many available options in renting vans. You can either choose to #drive, but then again, the best solution is to #rent a chauffeured car service since the traffic is bad any time of the day anywhere. Depending on the type of van you’d be renting, it can go from US$46 up to US$160 for the first 8 hours, this is based on the year and model of the #vehicle for chauffeured #rides. In excess of 8 hours will incur additional cost which could be from US$4 to US$50.

Unlike rentals in other #countries, tips for the #driver aren’t usually included in the charges when you rent a van or any car in the Philippines. Charges include only the van or car and the driver. Fuel, toll fees, parking and other miscellaneous charges are to be shouldered by the renter and is separate from the hourly rates being charged. Also keep in mind that the driver’s food is also not included in the rates quoted so if you would be renting a van, include the driver’s food in your budget. If you #plan to travel to the province or out of #town, and if you would be getting a van for a few days, keep in mind that the driver should be included in the #accommodations as well.

Since tips are not included in the charges, it is mandatory that you tip the driver of the van in addition to food and lodging provided if applicable. There are no required percentages for tips but do keep in mind that tips should somehow be substantial. Tips can range from US$2 to US100 depending on the duration of the service. For airport transfers, you can tip the driver US$2 to US$5 since it is a short trip. Be reminded that drivers work in the #service #industry and tips are commonly provided to them.

For guaranteed service, you can never go wrong with #Limoscanner. We pride ourselves with #professional drivers behind the #wheel. This gives you #peace of mind knowing that you are with licensed and highly skilled English-speaking drivers who are #knowledgeable with the roads and are there to assist you as needed during your travel. For #booking, go to the website, Limoscanner.com and choose from our selection of vans, cars and even limousine services that would suit your needs. Include the dates, time, location where you would like to be picked-up and/or dropped off. You’ll receive quotations from our partner vendors and just choose the best one for you and confirm your booking.



Getting a limo service for a #wedding is the most ideal form of transportation for the bride going to the wedding and a limo as well to send off the #couple to their #honeymoon. In most cases when the wedding and #reception are in different locations, the entire wedding #party would be transported via #limousines.
You don’t get to ride a limo everyday and what to do inside one is something that you need to know and find out. Common courtesies as to who tips the driver, what to do and what not to do inside. Are there any restrictions of any sort when riding a chauffeured limousine? These are just a few of the usual questions that passengers usually wonder about. So here are some tips when riding a limousine.

Who pays for the limo?

The day of the wedding, a limousine drives the bride to the church or the venue for the #ceremonies. Who pays for that? When bringing the #bride to the #park for #pictorials to the ceremony? How about the limousine for the wedding party to drive them to the reception? And how about the ride to the airport transfer for the honeymoon?

Usually, it is commonplace that the bride’s #family shoulder the expense of the limo service for this. It is usually pre-arranged and may be part of the wedding #package. But nowadays, there are no hard rules covering this. Traditionally, #transportation for the bride is covered by the bride’s family and the honeymoon ride is covered by the groom. But today, whatever options they choose if they both want to pay for it, then that would do as well. Preferred Limousines and British Motor Coach Inc is the solution for your wedding transportation needs. It may be for an hourly service or for wedding packages.

Limousine Etiquette

Maybe you’ve seen it on TV and heard about it that other than transporting #customers to the venue, riding a limo has added perks inside. So, what to do about it, right? First off, when riding a limo, honor the one who paid for it by giving them the best seat. Don’t open the liquor cabinet just yet! Wait for the host to offer you some refreshments. Don’t go guzzling the drinks just because it comes with the service. Sticking your head out of the moon roof is a big no no. Same with sticking your head out of the windows either. Allow the driver to service you by letting them open the door and close the door for you. This is part of their service, to pamper their customers, so let 7 Stars Limousine do these things for you.

Tipping the Driver

It is a must of #tip the limousine #driver. You need to have #cash ready to give to him once you step out of the car. The driver works in a #service #industry thus tips are expected. Tips may or may not be included in the contract but either way, always tip the driver.

For the best in #limousine services, go to #Limoscanner.com to #book for one. Limoscanner offers the #best #rates and #professional and #quality customer #service.