Riding a limousine can always make a person’s experience extraordinary. This is why some people choose to rent or ride one for special occasions like birthday party, anniversary celebration, bachelor/bachelorette party, anniversary, etc. There are some people who also avail limousine rentals when they are attending an important conference, convention, expo, or even just a simple business meeting.
There are a lot of companies that provides limousine for rent services around Hong Kong. A car savvy should be able to spot a good limousine if you see one. If you are not, then you should be able to know what are the latest models of limousine that can be seen around Hong Kong. Be in the loop so you once you decide on renting a limousine for whatever occasion there may be, you know what limousine model to look out for.
Rolls Royce always comes into mind everytime the word limousine is mentioned. The Rolls-Royce Dawn, priced at HK$6.9 million is is a powerful ride with a 563 HP, 6.6-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine with an acceleration of 100km/h in five seconds and can reach speeds of up to 250km/h. Rolls Royce also comes with the Ghost SII saloon unit. It is available for the price of HK$5.9 million. The engine and other specification is similar to the Dawn unit, but with additional feature that suits the need of businessmen such as Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller. This feature manages emails and phone calls. It has a voice control so you can keep your eye on the road while driving.
An alternative is Bentley which offers a variety of vehicles and limousines in Hong Kong. The Bentley Bentayga sport utility vehicle costs HK$4.24 million, which is almost the cost of one limousine. It comes with a six-litre W12 engine. Bentley Mulsanne series has the four-door Flying Spur V8 equipped with a 4 litre, 521 HP V8 engines which are about 0.3 second faster than the basic Flying Spur V8. The four-door Bentley Mulsanne Speed which is priced at HK$5.81 million comes with 21” Speed wheels. It has a 6.75 Liter twin-turbo V8 engine. It can accelerate at a rete of 100km/h in 4.8 seconds with at top speed of up to305km/h. The Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible which costs HK$4.843 million. It is Bentley’s best one-top ride. It is equipped with a 620 HP, 6 Litre, twin-turbo W12 engine which reaches 100km/h in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 328km/h.
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Denver, Colorado is often referred to as the Mile High City. It is known for its cultural attraction as well as new and vintage craft breweries, It’s also becoming a very well-known dining and music scene with the majestic Rocky Mountains at the backdrop.
Visiting Denver, Colorado should be a pleasure if you have the right vehicle to travel in. More often than not, tourists and businessmen who come to Denver do so with their own rental limo. This offers ease and convenience since driving to Colorado can be a bit of a challenge if you’re coming in from a different state. The City is situated 5,280 feet above sea level and could be intimidating with those who are unfamiliar with the terrain.
Getting a limo rental in Denver is easy. You can book Limoscanner online or call in ahead of time so you can set up your itinerary. You can also inquire about your preferred vehicle and how many persons will be riding with you. Naturally, if you’re traveling with your family or business partners, you’ll be needing a larger limousine with more legroom as well as space for baggage.
Arriving in Denver, Colorado
Most travellers come into Denver via the Denver International Airport, which is one of the busiest connecting airports in the world. From there, you can take the train to the Denver Union Station, which is the heart of the city’s downtown district. Alternatively, you can have a Limousine Rental Company from Denver pick you up and take you directly to your hotel. This can be arranged ahead of time so you be very sure to give Limoscanner your exact date and time of arrival. Don’t worry, this limo rental company can make adjustments in case of flight delays or schedule adjustments.
Once in the city, set aside time to explore the Denver Art Museum, the Clyfford Still Museum as well as the History Colorado Center. There’s also plenty of hotels and accommodations to choose from within the city. The best ones have excellent amenities as well as swimming pools and spas.
When it comes to food choices and options, Denver will never be found lacking. There are seven rotating restaurants as well as craft bars and open door dining places which offer spectacular views of the city. The Source, for example, is an artisan market which is located in a former ironworks foundry – certainly something that appeals to the mind and to the palate!
Central Market is where the best sausages, pizzas and freshly baked breads can be found. You can come in for a snack or for some late night munchies, depending on when the mood strikes you. Denver is also known for its beer production. There are more than 100 breweries which you can visit as well as tap rooms which offer samplings and tastings.
So if you’re looking for a night out and a fun time with your friends or family after taking care of work or business matters, best to have a rented limo with driver show you around and give you a taste of true fun – Denver style!
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Renting a Limousine service regardless of the occasion can always make the celebration more memorable and spectacular. However, as careful as you are in planning your party, you should be able to take care of choosing the right limousine for you as well. There are several factors that you need to consider when looking for the best limousine rental service.

Details such as the kind of party you are organizing and the number of guests that you are expecting plays a critical role in renting a limousine. Several limousine companies would offer different amenities for different occasions, which include: anniversaries, bachelorette or bachelor party, birthday party. These may require amenities such as alcoholic beverages and loud party music. Weddings and funerals may require a more solemn limousine theme. Limousine rentals may also be availed for important business meetings, conference, expo, and airport transport, which may require no fancy amenities for the unit. The number of guest would dictate how large or small the limousine that you are going to rent is. You don’t want to hire a small limousine for a big number of guests; likewise, you don’t want to hire a big limousine for a few guests as it will be a waste of money. This way you may budget your limousine rental properly. You should also prepare the details of the party such as the time, venue, and the location where the limousine will pick up your guests. Communication with the limousine company is the key for everything to run smoothly.

Choose the right kind vehicle once you have everything planned. Ask the company about the vehicle that they offer. You may have to stay away from companies that have very few options or may have poorly maintained limousines; you should not consider renting those with relatively old limousine models. Always ask for a quotation for a limousine rental service that will suit your party needs and see if the price of the rent fits your budget. You may want to check the service with the best value for your money. Some companies also provide packages that you could find more affordable.

Look for the best company in the same way that you searched for the right limousine unit for your party. Search for the company’s review in the internet and see what people have to say for the company’s service. Important points to look out for when you are reading previous customers’ testimonials are the cleanliness of the limousine units, punctuality, chauffer’s driving skill, how the company sticks to the agreed contract, value for your money, etc. For safety purposes, you should also check if the limousine company is legitimate and have insurance for both the units and the passengers. Once you have everything set, have your reservation and book the unit that you want in advance. Some companies provide discount for early bird reservations.

If you are looking for the best limousine for rent in Gold Coast, Australia, check out Limoscanner. Limoscanner provides the most reliable and spectacular limousine rental experience that will give the best value for your money.



Parañaque is the third largest city in Metro Manila in terms of land area and the 6th highest in terms of population. It is one of the major trade centers in Metro Manila throughout history. Parañaque is bordered in the west by Manila Bay. The port of the city is part of trading activities with other countries during the Spanish Era such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan. Since Parañaque is near coastal area, one of the city’s main livelihood is fishing. Tour Parañaque and its surrounding towns with a chauffeur driven van. There are several fishing villages in the city.
In modern times, Parañaque still serves as the portal of the Philippines to other nations as it houses the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It also serves as the gateway to the south of Metro Manila as it is near the province of Cavite.
Parañaque have several attractions that tourists may find appealing. The term Dampa started in the city. It is a market that sells fresh seafood such as crabs, lobsters, and mollusks. Some stall offers cooking and serving freshly catch seafood. Another attraction in the city is the Bird Sanctuary, where you can watch migratory birds from China during the month of August to March. Also on the list of must-see in the city is The Cathedral Parish of St. Andrew, the oldest church in the city and one of the oldest in the country, which was built in the 1850. Another famous church that you don’t want to miss when you’re in Parañaque (in fact, when you are in Metro Manila), is the National Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which is more famously known as Baclaran Church. It is known to hold mass every Wednesday for its devotees. Also included in the city’s attraction is the Entertainment City, a large area with hotels and casinos such as Solaire and City of Dreams Manila. Parañaque also hosts certain festivals such as Caracol, Sunduan, Cenaculo, Pasko ng Pagkabuhay, Santacruzan, Flores de Mayo, and Sambalilo Hat Festival – a celebration of Parañaque’s cityhood. You can also find some of their famous restaurants and coffee shops. Rent a chauffeured car or van to make the most of your time
Should you decide to go to Parañaque to see the sights and culture of the city, there are certain things that you need to understand first. One, commuting in Metro Manila is difficult. Public transportation is wanting. Taxi’s would sometimes overcharge you or would reject you if you refuse to add on top of the metered fare or if the traffic is really bad. It is also not advisable to just walk around the city as it may not be safe. So if you are planning to go around the Parañaque City, you may want to avail Limoscanner’s Van Rental Service in Parañaque. This is the most convenient way to enjoy your stay in Metro Manila. The company also offers airport transport from the city to anywhere around Metro Manila. You can visit their website so you can choose the van of your type and the price for their car rental service.


Hosting events or going to events such as prom, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette parties etc. requires tedious planning, and one important item that is often left out is the transportation. These celebrations may be made more extravagant and spectacular by renting a limousine as means of travel. There are, however, a lot of limousine rental companies in the market, and it is almost automatic that you do research before availing a limousine rental service. You don’t want your party to start poorly by hiring a bad limousine company. Your decision on whether or not you hire a good or bad private car rental service may set the mood of the whole party. Having said all of that, the question then lies: what should you look for when renting a limousine.
Limousine Collection. One of the things that you should look out for when availing a private limousine service is the company’s collection of limousine. A company with a large number of limousines in their garage would give you more option when it comes to amenities and the overall appearance. You should also look at the quality and the model of the limousine that the company offers. If the company can only offer old models of limousine, then you may want to look for another rental company. Look for limousine rental units with model that are atleast 5 to 10 years old. Renting limousine in huge cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, or Boston, then chances are you will find lots of company with huge repertoire of limousine.
Company’s reputation. It will never hurt to look at the company’s reputation through the internet. Search for legitimate reviews by users and look at the company’s rating. Look for important points that may describe the quality of service such as punctuality, cleanliness of the units, value for money, and the overall demeanour of the limousine driver. You may want to ask your relatives or friends who you know have already availed limousine service to have a first-hand opinion.
Amenities. Check for the limousines amenities such as lighting, sounds, and the availability of alcohol inside the unit. See if they allow provide a full set of bar drinks or if they allow customers to bring their own alcoholic beverage inside.
Value for Money. You may be tempted to avail cheap limousine service, but keep in mind that cheap doesn’t translate to a value service. You may save some money, but you might get a poor service in return. You may want to shell out a little extra cash to maximize your limousine experience. Ask for discounts for long-term rentals.
Driver. Be sure that the driver has professional license and is known to be courteous.
Insurance. You should ask the company if they have insurance, which covers both the vehicle and the passengers
These are the things that you may want to look out for when availing a limousine rental service. For the best limousine rental service in the country, you may want to check out Limoscanner services.
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Limousine rental has become more popular in almost all cities in Australia, particularly busy business spots like Sydney, Brisbane and others. Limo rentals have become a staple to travelling businessmen and families because they are safe, reliable, and comfortable. The elegance and wow factor are just additional bonuses when hiring a limo service.
What to Look For in a Brisbane Limo Rental Company
While limo rental companies are normally perceived as extravagant, opulent and unreachable, more and more companies have launched more affordable versions of their limo car rentals. In short, when you call Limoscanner Australia to book a car rental, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to book a BMW or a Rolls Royce or a stretch Hummer for your trip. There are now affordable car packages for small groups or families who want to see Brisbane or go around the city in a more comfortable way.
Traditional car rentals have limited space, no room for baggages, and of course no driver. What sets a limo rental company apart is that you’ll be fetched from the airport not just by a car but your very own chauffeur. This professional driver knows the ins and outs of the city as well as the best routes to take to get to your desired destinations. The last thing you need is to arrive in Brisbane after a long trip and immediately get stuck in traffic with you behind the wheel. This is hardly a pleasant business or leisure experience.
On the other hand, a limousine rental provides you and your family a luxurious way to get around the city. No matter how long or harrowing the flight experience was, you can be assured of a comfortable ride to the hotel and be provided with some refreshments.
When you look for a limousine rental company in Brisbane, you should first check the kind of cars they have in their fleet. They don’t have to be super luxurious, if that’s not what you’re after. Rather they should be mostly new units and from reputable car brands. Check the reservation to see how many days notice they will need for your booking.
It’s also easy to compare how much limousine rental companies charge per hour or per day. This will also include a driver and or tour guide if you want to go on a sightseeing tour after your business trip or convention. Prices can be compared online. Take note of service charges and other possible amounts you may be charged with when you book your rental.
Limoscanner Australia is one of the most reliable companies you can find in Australia. They have a large fleet of vehicles to choose from as well as courteous and skilled drivers who take pleasure in getting you to and from your destination in comfort and style.
If you want to know more about them, you can go online and take a look at some Brisbane limo reviews written about them. You can also compare how they’re rated with other companies to see the difference.
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There are a lot of Hong Kong limousine services available to the traveler to this very urban city. For first time visitors, it can be hard sometimes to choose between which service to pick. The reviews below are for three of the best chauffeured limousine service in the colony.
Parklane Limousine Service
Parklane Limousine Service is not the biggest chauffeured car service, nor is it the cheapest. What sets this company apart is the quality of service provided. They are highly recommended by those who have made use of their service. They have a range of vehicles which include Mercedes Benz S-Class and E-Class limousines, Bentley Continentals, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz V-Class minivans, Buick minivan and Toyota Alphard luxury minivans. If you want to be picked up from the airport and brought to your hotel in style, this is one of the best ways to do it. They can take you to your Hong Kong hotel, or to your destination in Shenzhen. You can also choose to ride around Hong Kong in a Parklane Limousine Service vehicle. If you have a business trip, you would not be disappointed when you book with them.
“Hong Kong Limousine Service”
Simply called “Hong Kong Limousine Service”, this eponymous service provides luxury vehicles for everyday use in Hong Kong. Whether you want to go around the Territory in a chauffeured car service, go to your business meeting in style and comfort, or enjoy a night out in comfort and convenience, “Hong Kong Limousine Service” has the vehicle for you. You can choose between different luxury vehicles including Mercedes Benz E-Class, Lincoln MKT Sedan, BMW 7 Series, Cadillac Escalade SUV, Mercedes Benz V-Class minivan or a Toyota Alphard luxury minivan. When you rent a limousine from Blacklane you can have a complimentary bottle of champagne with the service. They also have different packages and categories to choose from. The packages include a Wedding package, a Night Out in Hong Kong, trip to Shenzhen, and city tours. The drivers are knowledgeable, experienced and know English. There is no problem understanding what you want as you would be speaking the same language.
Another small company, Skylimo specializes in airport transfers. They will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel with no fuss, no hassles and all the convenience. If you are new to Hong Kong, Skylimo makes sure that you get to your destination without any worries. The company provides an efficient Airport Express links service which brings you direct to Hong Kong’s Central Business District, fresh and without any troubles. The service can also take the passenger to their meeting or to the hotel, which the customer wants. As an airport transfer service, the company tries its best to provide the fastest way to get to the hotel from the airport. In Hong Kong traffic, this is not a trivial effort. The company offers a choice of a Mercedes Benz S-Class, Nissan Elgrand, or a Toyota Alphard. They will take you to Kowloon, Hong Kong Island or the New Territories.


New Orleans is a metropolitan city at the state of Louisiana. It is also one of the major port cities in the United States of America. New Orleans is known for their Spanish and French Architecture, where most of it is found in the oldest part of the city called the French Quarter. It is also home of the famous for the Mardi Gras festival. The Mississippi river also runs through New Orleans.

There are many ways to get around New Orleans. It is a walk and bike friendly city. Other than walking and biking, there are other means of transportation such as bus, streetcars, Uber, and Lyft. Going in and out of the New Orleans may be done by plane through the Louis Armstrong International Airport, which is approximately 12 miles from the city center. There are many choices of transportation going to the airport and back. There are airport shuttle that goes from the airport to the city center, which charges around 24.00 USD/person. Another option is taking a cab, where the fair is approximately 36USD for a one way trip.

If you are planning to visit New Orleans and wants to get around without hassle, try Limoscanner’s Black Car Rentals. Big Easy Limos, Inc provides a top-notch private car that includes a variety of vehicles including sedans, vans, SUVs, party buses, coach buses, hummers, and limousines. They provide 24 hours airport pick up service, which is convenient if you have a flight early in the morning.

Limoscanner provides hourly rate and point-to-point services. This is convenient if you are not familiar with the place and do not want to get lost in New Orleans. This way you can go around tourist spots hassle-free so you can fully enjoy your vacation. If you are in New Orleans for an important meeting or prestigious event, you may want to avail their black car limousine services. Impress your potential future business clients and partners as you arrive at your meeting place in style. If you are travelling in a group and want to experience the New Orleans night life, you can hire their limousine to pick you up from your place to your party destination of your choice. Their limousine can accommodate 8-12 people and the amenities will surely put you in a party mood. The driver will also drop you off at where you stay so you don’t have to worry about going home late at night.

You may be thinking of hiring a car and driving by yourself around New Orleans. You should be warned though: It is very difficult to find parking space around the city. Limoscanner provides private drivers, so you do not have to spend your time finding a parking space upon arrival to your destination. Their drivers are professionals, so you can have a worry-free travel around NOLA.

So don’t hesitate to go book a Limoscanner private car rental service now for an unforgettable New Orleans experience. Check their website for a quotation of car rental service.

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Local and foreign tourists find the Philippines a fascinating place to be in. There’s so much to see and so many different types of food to eat. You can visit a province like Bohol or Palawan and be completely immersed in its food and culture, not to mention take in all the unique sights to see.

The best way to go around to see the Philippines is via a car or van rental. You can choose to drive around various spots by yourself or to get a van rental with your own dedicated driver and or tour guide. Van for hire services like Limoscanner PH offer one or two-day packages for a specific locale so you can maximize your time and really see all the tourist spots. If you don’t like this option and would rather go around without an itinerary, you can rent a van for your group or family. Either way, you’re sure to be comfortable and safe compared to riding a commuter bus or walking.

There are plenty of van companies operating in the Philippines, and they are reputable and professional. You can expect to receive clean, great-smelling vans which are in perfect running condition. The drivers also professional, courteous and knowledgeable when it comes to various tourist destinations to visit as well as where to eat. If travelling to provinces, majority of the drivers are also from the area; this helps with the language and cultural differences.

If you would like to inquire about van rentals, it will help to look at reviews of van rental companies to help you along. The reviews will show you what previous clients think of them, how they are rated by users, and how they compare to one another.

Here are some companies to consider:

Mobeline PH (

Mobeline is one of the 24 hour car rental companies based in the greater Manila area. They offer competitive rates and good customer service. They have been around for more than 30 years and already have a loyal following. They offer bridal car rentals, corporate rentals, airport transfers as well as self drive cars or vehicles which come with driver services. When it comes to vehicles, you can choose from different models of cars and vans. The rates are easily seen on their website. You can also book from within the site itself.

Click Auto Rental (

Click Auto Rental is another company worth inquiring about. They have regular cars, vans, limousines and a wide range of services. For example, you can choose from a few hours rental up to long term rentals. They also have vans and coasters for those who are travelling in large groups or corporate getaways.

Limoscanner PH (

As mentioned earlier, Limoscanner is one of the best choices for car and van rentals in the Philippines. You can check out their website for the various tours and packages they offer. They’re also an established company you can trust with operations in the US, Hong Kong and Australia.


Sydney is the capital of New South Wales in Australia and the oldest town in the state. Sydney is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Sydney is famous for their landmarks and cultural sights. Included in the landmark are the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour, Sydney Olympic Park, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and the Royal Botanic Garden. Cultural buildings that attract tourists and travellers include the Sydney Opera House and various museums. Getting into Sydney is easy. There are international and local flights that are going to and from the airport. The airport is 9 km away from the city center.
If you are planning to go around Sydney for their cultural tours like watching a play or musical at the Sydney Opera House or maybe visit one of Sydney’s museums and art galleries, you may look at hiring a limousine for a more classy entrance. Should you decide on hiring one, you should not look at any other limousine rentals other than Limoscanner.
Corporate Chauffeurs provides quality and reliable limousine rental service around Sydney. Arrive in places like the Sydney Opera with style by availing our Limousine rental. We will pick you up from your location with our door to door service. We will also drop you off to where you are staying after so you don’t have to worry about going back. Our limousines can also accommodate up to 12 people so if you are travelling in a group, availing our limousine rental service is actually cost effective. Our driver is well-trained to give you peace of mind during your travel. This is an advantage if you are not familiar with the place.
You can also avail the best limousine service in Sydney in Limoscanner if you are planning to hold a party in Sydney. Limousines in Swans Connect have amenities that can suit your party travel needs. We have limousine unit equipped with neon lights, party sound system with high quality sounds, and a built in CD. We will provide a designated driver so if you are planning to hop from one place to another and drink alcohol, you don’t have to worry about driving under the influence. This would give you an opportunity to maximize your party experience. The driver will pick you and your guests from their home or hotels. The capacity of the vehicle is large so you can bring as many friends as you can. The party ambience inside will get you in a party mood even before you arrive at your venue. Going back home is also not a problem as our driver will drop you off from door to door.
So whether you are going to a classy place like the Sydney Opera or just going around Sydney for the party life, you can make your Sydney experience more spectacular by availing one of our limousine rental service. Book with us now and begin your wonderful Sydney journey. Oz limo hire is the best Limousine company in Sydney.
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