Blacklane is one of the most popular options when it comes to private cars and limo reservations in Hong Kong. When it comes to quality and prompt service, Blacklane has been the trusted name in the industry. The only down side is that the rates of Blacklane’s services are really high. A lot of people are easily turned off because they could not afford the cost of the limo rental.

Your alternative to Blacklane in Hong Kong with online booking – Limoscanner. The process of reservation is pretty much the same. You just have to go online to make advance reservations. You need to set the date and time. You should also include the pickup point and the place where you are heading to. You may also book the vehicle for the entire day so you can choose which places around the city would be perfect. Hong Kong has a lot to offer so you would want a private vehicle not only for airport transfer, but for moving around the city. You should also select the model of the vehicle you wish to rent. The Toyota AlphardHyundai H1 and Bentley are among the top choices.

Once all the details have been encoded, you will then be given a quotation. This tells you how much you are going to spend. There are different terms and conditions depending on the rental company that you have chosen. Some of them include the complete cost in the quotation while others are exclusive of the taxes and toll fees.

Confirm the reservation if you are fine with all the details and pay for the reservation fee. You will receive a confirmation email if everything has been processed. Just keep this email in case you will be asked by the driver upon arrival at the airport.

Check the reviews

If you have been loyal to Blacklane over the past years and it is your first time to try Limoscanner, you can check reviews so you will understand why it is a popular alternative to Blacklane. Limoscanner won’t be that competitive if it has not proven itself as a strong force in this industry. Perhaps, you will read information about how cheap the rates are when you opt for Limoscanner and the vast number of models available for rent. The Mercedes Benz S-Class 500 and Mercedes Benz W221 are some of the most popular vehicles in Hong Kong. may contain: night and outdoor

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