If you want to impress, one of the best ways to do so is by showing that you have money and class and the best way to accomplish both is by renting a limousine. However, just like any other car, not all limousines are created equal. Some are better than the others while some are most suited for a specific job or occasion. If you are planning to get a limousine rental service in the Washington DC area, then getting a stretch escalade limo rental Washington DC should be one of your first thoughts and priority.

What is a Stretch Escalade Limo?

When it comes to limousines, perhaps the most iconic and familiar is the stretch limousine. It is something that we have all seen in the movies and are often used by the rich and famous. In fact, it is so well known that most people assume that it is the only kind of limousine around. This specific kind of Cadillac Escalade limousine which is already a household name when it comes to luxury vehicles and people already know that it makes good quality vehicles. The stretch limo is popular since it has a huge seating capacity. In fact, this model can accommodate up to 20 people quite comfortably and with its sleek design, it can and will often be a head turner wherever you go.

Amenities You Can Enjoy

However, what’s the use of the extra space if you have nothing to use it for. Fortunately, limousines carry tons of other extra features that make it more worth your while. Not only is it classy and comfortable but it even has LED lights, a mini bar, and some even have an audio and video system that rivals a home entertainment system. Not only is it perfect for a group’s night out but you get to have fun inside the vehicle as you are on your way to the next destination.

It is perfect for a classy tour around a city, weddings, prom, bachelor parties, or for people who just want to enjoy a luxurious trip. For VIPs it is also important since it provides class and comfort befitting of their title as well as providing extra safety for them. Limousines, especially the stretch escalade limo, are built like a tank though it may not look like it. It is incredibly sturdy and some are even bulletproof and provide some form of explosion protection. This means that the people inside are sure to be safe.

When it comes to going out of your way to get limo rental Washington DC, make sure to hire the best of the best. Some companies will have older model vehicles and new drivers and this will create a very poor experience. On the flip side, if you find a company that uses only new cars and have veteran drivers, the experience will be like night and day and you will swear by them. Of course, it is understandable that these things don’t come cheap but it is literally one of those things where you really get what you pay for!



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