Hong Kong is not necessarily the first country people have in mind when it comes to traditional Christmas destinations. Nevertheless, Hong Kong is an amazing place and it is perfect for a wonderful vacation. Even if Christmas is not as big in Hong Kong as in many other countries, they still have planned activities and festivities throughout the season.

Across the country, you will find Christmas lights and trees. There are also lights in various skyscrapers. Even restaurants offer traditional Christmas meals. Shops are really festive and malls are usually on sale.

On a regular day, Hong Kong is already a popular shopping destination. As they go on sale during the Christmas season, it is even better. This is in fact one of the main reasons why people are crazy about a Hong Kong trip during the holidays,

Things to do

Aside from shopping, you might want to join the Winterfest celebration. This huge activity is sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. They feature a really big Christmas tree and other ornaments. They also have a choir singing Christmas carols from 5–11pm. You can visit the place free of charge. It runs throughout the month of December.

The popular tourist destinations in the country, Disneyland and Ocean Park, are also perfect options. These theme parks also go all in for the festivities. The decorations start to have Christmas themes in them. You will see reindeers, elves and even Santa making an appearance.

You should also try Christmas dinners. There are fancy hotels and restaurants all over the country that you can indulge in for an amazing dinner. You need not cook a sumptuous turkey for dinner if you can just head to the nearest restaurant offering one.

Given all these activities that you can do in Hong Kong during the season, you should book your ticket and spend the holidays there.

Local transportation

Although the transportation system in Hong Kong is good, it is a bit bad during the Christmas season. This is due to the number of tourists flocking the country. Moving from one place to another using public buses and trains could be a big problem.

The best option is to get a limo rental service. From the moment you arrive at the airport up until you are set to go home, you can use this huge vehicle. You may decide to drive it yourself or you can also pay for a driver to bring you around. As long as it makes you comfortable, it is perfectly fine.

You won’t even have to worry about heavy traffic. You are inside a comfortable vehicle that has drinks to choose from and a wonderful sound system. You won’t feel the Christmas rush at all. You can just relax and even sleep while you are traveling from one place to another.

Hong Kong has a lot to offer. Moving around in a limo would make the experience even better. You just have to start making reservations now as Christmas is fast approaching. A lot of people also make use of this service because it is fast and convenient. Check out more information at

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