The views in Hong Kong during the final moments of the year are just breathtaking. Head to the Victoria Harbour and you will see their countdown fireworks and the festivities all over the place. You can sit in the surrounding areas, along the shoreline or be in one of the world-class rooftop restaurants and bars.
Every year, new features are being added. For instance, even before the countdown begins, you will start seeing fireworks display every minute from the building surrounding the harbour. You can also listen to a 10-minute pyromusical display as the New Year is welcomed. This was the main feature in 2017. It could be longer and better for 2018.
Although the Chinese New Year is a bigger deal in the country, they still welcome the New Year just like the rest of the world. Restaurants and bars also offer all sorts of promotions for guests. They are also open up until the festivities are over. Celebrating New Year in Hong Kong is definitely like no other.
Lots of things to do
Even if the New Year celebration in Hong Kong is not as grand as its Chinese New Year counterpart, don’t forget that you are still in Hong Kong. It is still a popular tourist destination and there are a lot of things that you can do around the country. You should make the most out of the experience.
Obviously, you should head to Disneyland and have the time of your lives with the kids. You can also shop around the city centre. From the traditional boutiques to high class brands inside malls, there are a lot of choices in Hong Kong. There is no wonder why it is branded as the shopping capital of Asia.
Of course, you should also try the different delicacies in the country. The sumptuous meals offered are really salivating. If you are up for some Christmas meals to make you still feel at home, there are a lot of restaurants around the country offering them.
Plan your trip now
Hong Kong is a small place and it gets really crowded during the holiday destinations. The number of tourists arriving the country is multiplied several times during the holidays. It also means you cannot just use the public transportation any time you want. You would have to contend with other tourists who are also rushing all the time. If you are yet to learn how the system works, you can’t get to your destination on time.
It helps a lot if you use a limo rental service. This makes things easier and faster for you. Instead of catching the bus from the airport to your hotel, you just have to wait for the limo to pick you up. You don’t even have to drive it as you can just request for a driver to do it for you. Moving to any place you want to visit is also easy.
You have a huge and comfortable vehicle. Regardless of the crowd around, you will still feel relaxed. Check out hk.limoscanner.com if you wish to rent a limo now and see the best of Hong Kong.

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