Cebu City cultivates a rich history which dates back to the time when the Spaniards set foot in the country. In fact, the city cradles the Magellan’s Cross, the site where Magellan made a historic landing in the island of Cebu in 1521. This site has a historical and religious significance for the Filipino people. Included as well in Cebu City’s historical features and tourist favourites are old Catholic churches like the Basilica Minore de Sto. Niño. The cathedral is the oldest Catholic Church built in the Philippines. Another famous church that attracts tourists in Cebu City is the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.
Cebu City is a major metropolitan city in the Visayas Region, and is referred to as the Queen City of the South. Outside the City, the Island of Cebu itself is a popular tourist spot, filled with adventures such as mountain climbing, canyoneering, and island hopping. It’s just waiting for you to be discovered. The province is also known for their crafts such as guitars and native delicacies like the popular Lechon Cebu.
Going around Cebu City may be difficult, especially with the traffic and the lack of mass transportation such as a railway. If you are planning to go outside the Cebu City, prepare yourself for a long line of people on bus stations. To fully enjoy your stay and exploration of this beautiful city, why not consider hiring a car for your trip? Hiring a van is convenient, as you can control your schedule of going to and from different tourist spots around the city. It is easier, safe, and more convenient. This will guarantee a hassle-free and spectacular Cebu City experience.
Before hiring a van, make sure that you are dealing with a reliable Van Rental Company. Read all the terms and conditions of the company before signing any agreement. There are companies that may offer self-drive car rentals. This is cheaper but can be more tiresome as you have to drive by yourself or someone at your group. You have to deal with having to find a parking spot for every destination that you visit. If you do not want to drive, there are companies that offer rentals which include a driver as well. This could be a bit more expensive but is more convenient. Check if the price is inclusive of a driver and gas. If you are travelling on a small group, you can rent a sedan. For a larger group, you may rent a van. If possible, look for companies with user reviews to help you assess if the car rental company provides quality service.
If you are decided on hiring a van for group travel, you can try Limoscanner van rental. They offer van rentals for Cebu City. For large group, you can hire their Santa Fe unit, which provides ultimate comfort and economy fuel mileage. Limoscanner will make sure to provide you with the most comfortable run with the most affordable rental and gas cost. Book your Limoscanner van today for an unforgettable Cebu City Experience.

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