If you are in the #Philippines, whether you are visiting for business or leisure, the first thing you will notice is the horrendous traffic that greets you the moment you leave the airport. Traffic has been a long standing problem in the country and the bane of the government. This shouldn’t discourage you from visiting either. It is actually a sign that the country is very busy with progress.

In terms of economy, the #Philippines is one of the rising countries in Asia. That explains why there is an influx of travelers coming in and out of the country not just because of the beautiful vacation spots it offer but because it offers a lot of business opportunities. That is also the reason why renting a car with driver is faster and cheaper than drive yourself in #Makati and #Manila.

These two cities are the major business districts in Luzon, one of the three major islands of the #Philippines. The two metropolises are where you will find a lot of establishments and business centers. It’s a mix of both residential and commercial buildings, so these locations are very much populated. To get around town, you have to be familiar with the major thoroughfares and the million little side streets that you can use as shortcuts or alternate routes to beat the traffic.

There are a lot of travel options you can use when navigating about the cities. But unless you know the right stops and routes, it will be easy to get lost within Manila and Makati. There are several streets that are going only one way and you will have to go around the corner or two to get to the right street. Though the people are friendly and you can converse with them in English, there’s a possibility for you to get lost and delayed to get to where you are going.

By hiring a rental car with #Limoscanner, you don’t have to get stressed and bewildered in the city streets. Our drivers are very professional and they know the urban landscape very well. You just need to tell them where you are going and they will be able to bring you there in the shortest way possible.

You have to book your #carrental prior to your travel so the driver can pick you up at the airport. You can hire the car rental services for pick-up and delivery from airport to hotel and back. You also have the option to hire their services for the entirety of your stay. That way you can just sit back and relax without having to worry about driving thru Manila traffic. You will avoid any traffic violations that you did not know exists. You will enjoy your stay in Manila better with the convenience of a hired driver and car. The air-conditioned vehicles will keep you comfortable from the heat of the city.


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