There is an unspoken rule in the party scene: #party hard and forget whatever happened. While that may be true when it comes to how much you drink, or who you danced with all night, that rule doesn’t apply to trashing the party venue and leaving broken glasses and dishes all over the place.
Having a good time and being intoxicated also doesn’t mean you can be rude to the staff and the party bus driver. Yes, there are certain things you should remember before you throw all cares away and happily dance through the night.
If you and your friends are planning to hire a party limo bus in Australia, you should lay down some rules before sending out the invite. This will ensure that the dinner, party, and the morning after will be enjoyable and free of worries.

Rule Number 1: Safety First
Throwing a party inside a rented limo sounds fun and glamorous, but it can also be dangerous. You will all be drunk and partying and entrusting your lives in the hands of a driver. Make sure you contact a reputable #limorentalcompany like OzParty Events so you can be sure that you will be getting the best service possible. This means that you will be given a party bus that has been checked for serviceability and is well-maintained. The last thing you want to happen as you’re cruising around town is for the bus to break down and get you stranded. Second, a reliable company will give a driver who is careful and watchful, not just on the road but, but he’s someone who can look out for your safety as well.

Rule Number 2: Don’t Overload
#partylimobus can accommodate around 30 or so people, including equipment, set up for cocktails, a DJ, and food. This is plus or minus a few depending on the kind of vehicle you’re getting. When you book with the limo rental service company, you will be asked how many passengers or guests you will be bringing along. Try to stick to this number. There will be extra charges for additional people, of course. This is why you need to ask your guests to RSVP, and limit the number of friends or companions they can bring along.

Rule Number 3: Don’t Litter
A #party limo is meant to be an extravagant and exclusive experience. The limo company does it best to provide you with the best service and amenities, so treat the party limo with respect. Don’t destroy the décor, throw drinks and cigarette butts on the floor, or take out certain decorations which you think you like. You will be made to sign a contract that says you will pay for damages or destroyed property during the party. So, if you want to make sure there will be no after-party problems, tell your friends to behave a little while on the limo.
These rules aren’t meant to dampen the excitement of having a party. It’s just a reminder that that the limo buses – as well as their drivers – are meant to be treated with respect and courtesy.

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