Going around the Metro Manila without a car means that you would have to endure traffic. You would also be late for most of your appointments and you would be spending more than half of your time on the road. Driving around the city is no longer just a chore, it has become a burden. The traffic is bad, that driving on your own can be very stressful. If you are a visitor to the city, driving a rental is stressful. Riding cabs and ride sharing may not be your best option because of the expense that entails. The best solution is to hire a chauffeured car service.

In Metro Manila, #Limoscanner has created a hub where a rental vehicle service can bid for services. The rates range from airport transfers, daily, hourly, a back and forth trip, or even a three-day long visit to the province. When you ask for a quote on Limoscanner, there would be other rental companies who would also be sending you quotes, and you can choose which company you would hire.

When choosing the car rental service, you should consider the following: fuel charge, driver charge, tolls, parking, and driver meals.

* Fuel Charge. You have to clear this up with the rental company. For travel within the city, the listings would include the fuel in the charges. However, for travel outside of the city, you have to clarify if the passenger would shoulder the fuel.

* Driver charge. The driver’s fees are included in the rental. The listings on Limoscanner all include a driver. For all intents and purposes, the driver is who you are paying for. He knows the ins and outs of the city, and how to get from one point to another. If you are a foreigner, there is no point in renting a vehicle without a driver.

* Tolls. This is usually shouldered by the passenger.

* Parking. The parking fees are usually shouldered by the driver.

* Driver Meals. This is usually shouldered by the driver.

Before you agree to the terms, you have to clarify the following: toll fees, parking and fuel. The rental service company would be happy to clarify things for you. It is a matter of practice and transparency, they divulge which items you would need to pay for.

If you were to ride a taxi or a ride sharing app, expect to pay for more than 2,500 pesos for traveling around in a day. There is also the possibility of not being able to find a cab, as well as the chance that you might lose a personal item.

When you lose a personal item, like a phone, bag or wallet in a taxi, it might be hard to recover. These things are not usually found by the driver, instead these are found by the next passenger. In the case of a rental vehicle, you would most probably be the only passengers for the day. In addition, the driver or the car rental company will give you their phone number, if you want to be serviced the next day.

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