Batangas is a province south of Metro Manila. It is mountainous, rugged, with plenty of resorts and sights. It also has a long coastline with wonderful places to swim, or scuba dive. A lot of Metro Manila residents spend their weekends in Batangas due to the cool weather and tourist attractions. It has beaches in coves hidden behind hills, as well as one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, Taal Volcano. The province is also famous for their beef stew.

If you want to visit the province, you should hire a chauffeured van or car from a reputable rental service. Limoscanner has plenty of car rental service partners in the Philippines. Choosing a transport through the website is easy with guaranteed quality service.

Going to Batangas on a chauffeured van service is the best way to go. With a van, you can stretch your legs, and leave the inconvenience of driving and navigating to an experienced driver. The drivers know the territory, the resorts, where and what to eat. You can ask them for suggestions and they would be happy to give their opinion. Philippine drivers are also fluent in English, there would be no problem in communicating what you want to do.

The rates for traveling with a chauffeured car service going to Batangas depends on several things: number of passengers; type of vehicle, whether it is a day trip or overnight, and the location.

Going to Tagaytay and seeing Taal Volcano is a shorter distance than going to Batangas City. Going to Nasugbu for a weekend to scuba dive is a two- or three-day trip. These considerations are taken into account when renting a van.

The basic day trip to Tagaytay will cost you 3,000 pesos, or roughly 60 dollars. This does not include the fuel, parking fees, toll fees and the driver’s meals. To determine the cost of fuel, the vehicle will fill up at the gas station prior to departure, at the driver’s expense. At the end of the day, prior to arriving at your drop off point, the driver will again fill up the tank, and the passenger would be paying for the fuel.

On the other hand, a quote for “all-in” means that all the expenses are covered, except for the toll fees, and can cost around 5,000 pesos. You would not have to worry about the fuel expense.

Tipping the driver is optional.

To prevent being overcharged, use Limoscanner to find a van. After you fill up your request, the vehicle service will ask for more details, and will then give you a quotation. Other Limoscanner partners will also get in touch with you and give you their own quotation.

Going around the Philippines is best with chauffeured vans or cars. Driving in the country, especially in the city is a little bit different from driving in other countries. When going out of town, your driver can also help as a guide, and an interpreter. They are also conscientious and will look after your safety.

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