Fact: Consumers are influenced by reviews for products and services through customer reviews, word of mouth and social media.

The internet being the new media, has greatly influenced how patrons find new business, product and services. Consumer reviews are your most trusted source of information on a product or service. It is 12 times more trusted than the description being provided by the manufacturers themselves based on a US survey. 61% of people are reliant on user reviews for products and services before a decision is made to buy or avail of services. 73% trust online recommendations and 44% of moms use social media for brand recommendations. Facebook, blogs, site feedback and comments section also prove to be a resource for getting information before buying.

Traditional word of mouth facts is also relied upon before making decisions. The average consumer mentions specific brands/services 90 times per week when conversing with friends, co-workers and family. When asked about what made you decide to buy this product or avail of a service, 71% say that a review from friends or family members play a big role in getting to that decision. 90% of people trust online reviews from people they know and 70% trust opinions of people they don’t know.

Given these information, it is a proven and tested reality that purchasing or availing of products are highly influenced by reviews. It is recommended that you read reviews for hundreds of limo and party bus rental companies on Limoscanner. With these reviews, you can make an informed decision in choosing which company to go with when renting a chauffeured car service. People who take time out to provide positive reviews means they were truly satisfied with the service. Same goes for the bad reviews too.

Advantages in reading limo and party bus rental company reviews are as follows:

  • You get first- hand information on the quality and service of the limo and party bus rental companies from those who already rented and experienced the service themselves.
  • You can compare notes from the reviews and gauge the company’s reliability and efficiency
  • You are not only depended on the company’s vehicle or fleet description, as reviews made by consumers would provide you with the actual look or feel of the vehicles as they have ridden and made use of the service.
  • Reviews on staff, and chauffeurs can be seen so you have an idea of who to pick and request for a chauffeur if applicable.
  • Be aware of other policies or rules that may not be included in the site but is implemented once you’ve booked your vehicle.

These are some of the advantages in reading reviews. This benefits you as a consumer since you have an idea of how the service is from people who have experienced. This takes away the guesswork of who to choose when booking with Limoscanner. Once you’ve seen the reviews, you can book through the website for airport transfer, wedding, corporate events, and a lot more. Reserve your chauffeur driven limousine with us today.


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