Going around Metro #Manila or #anywhere in the #Philippines, it is common that #vans are rented out for this #purpose. Coming from the #airport, airport transfers are usually in rented vans to allow more space for luggage and added legroom and comfort for #passengers. There are a lot of private vans for #hire which you can contract on an #hourly, #daily, or extended periods depending on your need. You can choose between a chauffeured car service or simply drive the van and just rent out the vehicle. Hire vans directly from owners or hire from #transportation companies, are the options you have when in the Philippines. To get the #best #rates, it is best to go with Limoscanner.

#Limoscanner offers the best #rates in the #business. By simply going to the website and plugging in the following: date/s, time, drop-off and pick-up points, how many passengers, your vehicle of choice, and other specs, you will get emails for #quotations from our different #vendor partners. Rates quoted are at full cost since we pride ourselves with transparency with our #customers. No need to worry about hidden surcharges or other fees as everything is already included in the costing. Toll charges and other fees may apply but this will also be discussed fully to ensure that #expectations are set with the customers for hassle free transactions. Select from the quotation and proceed with #booking.

Here’s a list of the going rates for chauffeur driven vehicles for rent within Metro Manila only. Prices for provincial #travel is available upon request.

Toyota Innova                                 Rates                         Excess Hours
Daily                                               US$ 46.00                        US$4.00
Weekly                                           US$ 36.00                        US$3.00
Monthly                                         US$900.00                       US$2.00

Toyota Hi Ace                                   Rates                        Excess Hours
Daily                                               US$ 50.00                        US$4.00
Monthly                                         US$1100.00                     US$3.00

Hyundai Starex                                Rates                        Excess Hours
Daily                                                US$140.00                      US$25.00

Toyota Super Grandia                     Rates                        Excess Hours
Daily                                                 US$160.00                     US$25.00

Rates for #Daily and #Weekly are for the first 8 hours, excess hours as indicated below.

#Airport transfer van rentals from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Makati City is only for US$30. For other drop-off points from the airport, check out the website.

Prices are some of the #quotations for the going rate for van rentals within Metro Manila. Inclusions for the van rentals are the driver and the vehicle rented. Not included in prices quoted are driver’s food, parking fees, fuel, toll fees, and other miscellaneous costs incurred during travel. Traffic violation fines are also not included in prices quoted.

It is common in the #Philippines that if you rent a chauffeured #car or limousine service, you shoulder the expenses of the driver such as meals or accommodations of you will be renting the van plus the driver overnight or for longer periods of time. If you will be going out of town and will be staying in a resort or a hotel, you will also be responsible for the driver’s lodgings. Fuel is also not an inclusion thus you need to prepare to have the van loaded with fuel before departure. Vans for rent usually use diesel as fuel which saves you money.



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