Getting a limo service for a #wedding is the most ideal form of transportation for the bride going to the wedding and a limo as well to send off the #couple to their #honeymoon. In most cases when the wedding and #reception are in different locations, the entire wedding #party would be transported via #limousines.
You don’t get to ride a limo everyday and what to do inside one is something that you need to know and find out. Common courtesies as to who tips the driver, what to do and what not to do inside. Are there any restrictions of any sort when riding a chauffeured limousine? These are just a few of the usual questions that passengers usually wonder about. So here are some tips when riding a limousine.

Who pays for the limo?

The day of the wedding, a limousine drives the bride to the church or the venue for the #ceremonies. Who pays for that? When bringing the #bride to the #park for #pictorials to the ceremony? How about the limousine for the wedding party to drive them to the reception? And how about the ride to the airport transfer for the honeymoon?

Usually, it is commonplace that the bride’s #family shoulder the expense of the limo service for this. It is usually pre-arranged and may be part of the wedding #package. But nowadays, there are no hard rules covering this. Traditionally, #transportation for the bride is covered by the bride’s family and the honeymoon ride is covered by the groom. But today, whatever options they choose if they both want to pay for it, then that would do as well. Preferred Limousines and British Motor Coach Inc is the solution for your wedding transportation needs. It may be for an hourly service or for wedding packages.

Limousine Etiquette

Maybe you’ve seen it on TV and heard about it that other than transporting #customers to the venue, riding a limo has added perks inside. So, what to do about it, right? First off, when riding a limo, honor the one who paid for it by giving them the best seat. Don’t open the liquor cabinet just yet! Wait for the host to offer you some refreshments. Don’t go guzzling the drinks just because it comes with the service. Sticking your head out of the moon roof is a big no no. Same with sticking your head out of the windows either. Allow the driver to service you by letting them open the door and close the door for you. This is part of their service, to pamper their customers, so let 7 Stars Limousine do these things for you.

Tipping the Driver

It is a must of #tip the limousine #driver. You need to have #cash ready to give to him once you step out of the car. The driver works in a #service #industry thus tips are expected. Tips may or may not be included in the contract but either way, always tip the driver.

For the best in #limousine services, go to to #book for one. Limoscanner offers the #best #rates and #professional and #quality customer #service.


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