Private Car for the Hong Kong Book Fair

The Hong Kong Book Fair will be held on July 19 to the 25th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event will draw book enthusiasts all over Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Exhibitors from different publishing companies as well as bookstores will be showcasing the latest selections of books as well as special publications. The event would showcase children’s books, Teen books, religious  books, e-learning and e-books. You will also have resource materials for sale such as Audio Visual learning aids, Multimedia products, educational software, stationery as well as printed products.
It is highly recommended that you attend the book fair and maximize the 7 days in browsing and going through the wide array of books and attend talks and participate in the activities scheduled. There are a lot of items for sale and one day isn’t enough to be able to browse through a wide selection.
If you are coming from the Hong Kong airport, you can book a chauffeured car service Hong Kong. You can be picked up and be driven to the Hong Kong Book Fair directly or be brought to the hotel before going to the book fair.
You have several options in the vehicles available and can choose from sedans, SUV, vans or even book a personal limousine service for the book fair. If you are coming in as a small group, it is best that you book for and SUV for a bigger space and leg room.
If travelling with the family, renting a van is ideal so you can have everyone together in one ride and can arrive and depart the venue all at the same time. This event can be made into a memorable experience for the family as everyone is relaxed and free to enjoy the entire experience. You don’t need to worry about parking or traffic if any occurs, as you are being driven to the Hong Kong Book Fair. You just need to get off the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibit Centre’s entrance and let the chauffer to the rest. Same goes when you are being picked up to go back home or to the hotel. Your ride will be waiting for you at the designated pick-up point and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride back.
It’s fairly easy to book for an airport transfer service or at any pick-up point of your choice. All you need is go to and plug-in the details and your planned itinerary. You will be sent quotations via email. Select the best for you and book it. Since this is a 7 day affair, book in advance so you can be sure you have the transportation needed to complete the week.
You can never go wrong in booking with us as you are guaranteed the best experience in chauffeured service. Our friendly and professional staff are willing to assist and make sure you arrive comfortably and safely to your destination.


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