Limo for Same Sex Marriages

 Getting married is one of the grandest celebration you’d have in your lifetime. And having a wedding with your same sex partner is even more special as this solidifies your bond as partners for life. You now become legally bound and recognized as a couple with equal rights as normal couples have.

The same preparations done with traditional weddings also applies for same sex marriages. Planning where the ceremony would be held, the reception, the gowns or the tuxedo’s, plus the entourage. Deciding for the best invitations as well as food tasting here and there before you finally decide on who to pick to cater the wedding will take its toll on you somehow. The preparations and the stress in making sure your wedding is flawless is not an easy feat. It would take plenty of hours, effort and even blood sweat and tears to make your vision of a perfect wedding into a reality.
Let Limoscanner take away a part of your worries by preparing a chauffeured limousine service for you on your wedding day. Leave your transportation needs to us so you can focus on other things needed for your special day. Choose from a variety of limousines we have in our fleet that best suit your needs. Go for a classic limo or have a stretch limo instead and arrive in style. You can customize the limo to adapt to your chosen theme. Flowers and other decors can be installed to make it uniquely your own.

As we all know, same sex marriages are only allowed and recognized in several countries. So, if you’re planning to do it abroad, Limoscanner will be available in other countries too. To name a few, we are available in Hong Kong, the US and in Australia. Coming from the airport, you can also book airport transfer service with us to get you to your destination safe and sound. Our credibility across countries only prove that the best in transportation needs anywhere in the world is guaranteed with us.

First, we provide ease of booking and transacting which makes it a worry and hassle-free experience. To book our services, just go to the website and fill up the form with the necessary information which includes, dates, time, number of passengers and drop-off and pick-up points. You then receive quotes from our vendors within minutes. You are now provided several options to choose from as the quotations come in. Pick what’s best and then select for booking. Quotations provided are very transparent and contains all charges that would be billed to your credit card. It is important that you note all the necessary information in the initial inquiry so the quotations that will be sent would be accurate and has complete information.
Second, you are assured of the best customer service experience there is. Our professional and English- speaking chauffeurs are very friendly and personable. They will make sure that we follow our commitment to be on time and provide you with a comfortable and relaxing ride whenever, wherever.


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