Birthday Parties Just Got Better – Hiring a Limo or Party Bus

Celebrating birthdays nowadays is a departure from the time that a simple party is enough. These days, birthdays parties are far more grandiose, well planned and the more creative it is the better. Themed birthday parties are the trend right now and hiring a party planner is usually the first option to pull one off. Especially for milestone birthdays, like an 18th or 60th birthday, you need to be creative and the party plan should be well executed to keep guests entertained. Another option to make birthdays more memorable is by hiring a limousine. Limo services are no longer limited to weddings and prom night. It gives class and elegance to any celebration be it taking guests to and from the venue or actually having the party in a limo or party bus.

Advantages of Hiring a Limousine

Ride in style and comfort to and from the birthday party venue in a limousine. The cost of renting may be a bit steep but is is well worth is at this would raise brows everywhere and give your guests something memorable to talk about even months after your party. Start off the celebration once they step into the limo as they can be coordinated with the theme you have in tha actual venue. This would right off set the party mood and keep your guests entertained on the way to the party.

Great for Small Parties

A limousine can accommodate 8 to 30 persons depending on the size of the limousine rented. This is great for small parties where you could have everyone in the limo and go together with them to the party venue. This is a spacious ride that provides comfort and luxury.

Excellent for Theme Parties

Limousines are built in such a way that it can adapt to various themes. They are already equipped with facilities inside and would be tweaked a bit to the theme of your choice. A Disney theme, disco or retro theme can be done inside the limo to accomodate your preference. You can do almost anything in a limo to created whatever theme you may like. Just coordinate it when you do your booking.

Hiring a Party Bus

Other than hiring a limo, you can also consider hiring a Party Bus where you can celebrate your party on the go! You can fit up to 20 to 50 people in the bus. It is large and spacious so you can have activities while partying. It is set up already with facilities you may use. The bus can be used to shuttle guests to the venue or simply have the party inboard for an entirely different experience.

Fun Activities for the Young and Old

Party buses are great for both children and adult parties. Hiring a party bus for a kid’s birthday party is the way to go as it saves you time on organizing and clean up and is also a great experience for the kids being mobile and all. Parents, guests and children need not worry about taking charge of the party. Depending on the theme, the bus can be decorated the same way. You can also have games in the bus or even have movies played too. There are limitless options to choose from it just depends on what you want.

Taking Longer Trips

Party buses can also be used for longer trips. Road trips cqn be arranged over weekend having your family and guests onboard. Entertain guests throughout the trip with food, entertainment, music, movies or even dancing. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are usually held in party buses. This is also great for wedding transportation. You can go sight seeing and stop along scenic routes, stop at a camping site and stay overnight. Or go to a pre-booked hotel. You can spend time with friends and family on your special day while going around touring and enjoying the sights.

Book your limo or party bus with Limoscanner now for an exciting new experience.


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