Top 6 Tips to Remember When Booking a Limo in the Philippines

If you’re living in Metro Manila, you know how bad traffic is and how it’s such a hassle to even get parking in most of the establishments. Either you have to brave the roads and get stressed out driving or you don’t leave the house at all just to avoid worries. But what if you have an important appointment? Then you really need to go. You may opt to get a cab so you don’t need to drive. With the transport services that are cropping up, it still doesn’t cover some of the key cities from Luzon to Mindanao. The services are limited to specific areas only.
With Limoscanner, you can relax with chauffeured rides and have the convenience of renting in most of the key cities all over the country. How it works is that the service helps you avail of the best deals there is by sending your quotes to multiple limousine or party bus companies. You can take a look at photos of the vehicles before deciding to book it.
1.The first step is to tell– who, where, and when would be the planned itinerary for the travel. Second, the request would be sent to multiple vendors so they could be able to check and provide a quotation for the cost. And lastly, you wil receive quotes then scan for the best offer.
2.How to send a quote – Limoscanner is divided into 3 categories: point to point, hourly, and transfer. You need to fill out pick up and drop off points and select via drop down menu available vehicles. Once done, select send request and your booking will be received by several limo companies in the area.
3.Requesting for transfer – the most common transfers are airport transfers, but you can opt to request for to and from or vice versa for sea port travel, from a train station or other transfers that you may need. It is more practical to request for round trip transfers as it would give you the most bang for your buck. Your vehicle will have room for storing your bags and other stuff but you need to request for a bigger ride if you have plenty of luggage and also additional riders.
4.Point to Point travel – just give the pick-up point and the drop off point and select your vehicle of choice, then sit back and wait for offers or quotations to come in.
5.Request for hourly – specify the event such as proms or weddings. And the time and duration to get better offers.
6.How to Pay for the Trip – transactions are between you and the company you choose so you will be following any payment method available to them. Maximum transparency is maintained so you won’t get bill shock when the charges appear on you bill. You only get charged for the amount quoted on your bill. However, be on the lookout for additional charges that may be incurred such as toll fee charges, parking, stops, wait time, and the like.
Due to the availability of the service almost anywhere in the Philippines, this is the best way to go when choosing a transport service. The great customer service, transparency in billings and transactions make it even more worth it. So anytime you think of booking a ride, check out the website.


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