Why should you hire a van for a SAGADA TOUR

If you want to distress from life, you’d like to journey far away. If you are not from the Philippines, you should know that the local would either trek up to the mountains or go down south to the beach to distress. If you like to escape the concrete jungle and breathe some mountain air then Sagada is where you should go.

Sagada is a location high up the mountains of Benguet province. From Manila the capital it is a good 6 hour ride up to the City of Baguio. From there it is another 4 hour ride to Sagada.You are probably wondering who in their right mind will want to travel that far and that long just to get stress relief. The long journey is stressful already. But once you get to Sagada, you will understand why the long                                                                                       journey is definitely worth it.

The Sagada is more than just a remote town at the top of the mountains. It is like a small, Old English town. The houses are very rustic and will remind you of a quaint little village in England. This is where some Englishmen settled down after they discovered this location hundreds of years ago. They left a part of their culture here once you see the structure made in their European likeness.

The local food and mountain brewed coffee will make you forget about the pain of the long travel. The weather up there is superb! It smells like pine trees (which is abundant in that area) and the crisp clean mountain air is refreshing to the lungs. You should see the summit, it is a short distance from that little village. From the top you will see a sea of clouds and you realize you are on top of the world! People who go there are there for a certain reason. It’s either they shout out all their pains and problems, or shout out the name of their loved ones. Either way you feel a great sense of relief after all that shouting.Now isn’t that a place you would want to be at?To get there, the usual way would be to take two long bus rides, one from Manila to Baguio, then Baguio to Benguet. Then a short jeepney ride to the town proper itself.If you are going in a group, it would be more practical to hire a van all the way from Manila to Sagada. It may seem a bit more expensive, but you can split the expense equally among your companions. Here in Manila, they say the more the merrier! Or if you would want, you can hire a van when you get to Baguio that can take all of you up to Sagada and back.



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