High school days are about to be a thing of the past and the perfect way to end it is to have the most memorable grand prom night. For this night you have to arrive in style! The only thing that you have to worry about is whether to take theprom limo or a party bus to the venue.

Is it practical to take a prom limo or party bus to the prom?

Hiring luxury cars or a party bus to the prom is not something new and it is actually a tradition for a lot of youngsters. It completes partying in style at the same time provides safety at an affordable price.

Nothing beats the limousine when it comes to an affordable option for luxury rental cars. They are chic and they spell lavishness and comfort. The best feature of the stretch limo is that it can accommodate up to 20 passengers comfortably. These vehicles are well maintained and exceptionally clean. You have a courteous chauffeur driving for you. If you and your friends are sharing the limousine, pooling your funds together to pay for the rental is a great idea. This makes the limousine ride very affordable and memorable. Imagine your limo driving up the driveway and you’ve spent that last memorable ride with the closest of your high school buddies. The rental is on an hourly basis during prom night.

Limoscanner normally charges on an hourly basis.

Another popular favorite for the rentals is the party bus. It is another classic ride that is chauffer driven and goes by the names party van, party ride, luxury bus and limo bus. It has a larger seating capacity, at least 10 passengers and at most 50 passengers, which makes it a more fun ride if you have a bunch of friends who want to ride along and party all night. If you believe in the saying that the journey is more fun than the destination, then the party bus is the best ride for you. Additionally, the rent for a party bus is lesser than renting a limo. Lower rentals, and more people sharing the rent equals the best ride ahead.

Luxury Sedan – Private Couple Ride

If you prefer to go to the prom only with your date, the luxury sedan is your best bet. The hourly charges are still more affordable than hiring a party bus or a stretch limo and you still arrive at the venue in style.

The vehicle is perfect for 2 to 3 people not including the driver. These cars are very affordable, it can fit your budget that one person can afford to pay for it.

Stretch SUV – For the long stretch

SUVs are designed to be stretched like a limo. That’s a good choice of vehicle if you are bringing the party supplies with you. The cost of its rental is just as low as the party bus except with lesser seating capacity. And they do not come with a chauffeur.


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