Interact with Whale Sharks in Oslob with Limoscanner

Interact with Whale Sharks in Oslob with Limoscanner

Oslob is located in Cebu, in the Visayan Island in the Philippines Oslob is famous for its pristine beaches and rich and diverse marine life. One of the main attractions in Oslob is the whaleshark. Swimming alongside and interacting these gentle giants is possible. Tourists from all over the world flock to this paradise to try their hand at getting near a massive aquatic animal. If you wish to visit Oslob for the whale sharks and the breathtaking beaches, you can hire a van service with the help of Limoscanner.


Book your van service in advance

During the summer months of March to May when the sun is in full force is also the time when whale sharks appear near the shore so people see them up close. When you fancy going to Oslob in the summer months, expect many tourists in the area. Booking your van service in advance is a must so you don’t get hassled when you arrive at the airport or anywhere else you may come from. Here we can offer one of our rental service they have a Nissan Urvan NV350. Limoscanner will help you book a van service going to Oslob. If you are coming in from other provinces in the Philippines or from other countries, you can be picked up at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. We have our Toyota Innova Van. It will take roughly three hours from the airport to reach Oslob. You can use these travel time to either take a nap or take in the views along the way.

Aside from hiring a van service, there are other ways in reaching the town of Tan-Awan in Oslob, Cebu. But these will entail transferring from one mode of transportation to another. You can take a bus from the bus terminal in Cebu City. But if you do not mind paying extra for comfort and convenience, especially if you are travelling with a group or with kids, then hiring a van service through Limoscanner is your best bet. We have partners in Cebu that we can connect you with so you can choose the best deal. One of those partners offers their Toyota Fortuner 4×4 Diesel A/T.


Make side trips

Aside from whale shark interaction, you can also make some side trips to Tumalog Falls and the Heritage Park. The best way to maximize your time is to go whale watching first and then visit these two tourist attractions afterwards. All of these activities can be completed in just a day. A typical whale shark interaction lasts about half an hour, but you can still extend your time but pay for another round.

The Philippines is rich in beautiful places that many tourists from all over the world visit each year. Oslob is just one of many places where you can go whale shark watching. You can also do it in Donsol, Sorsogon in Luzon Island. Fulfilling your dream to swim alongside a gentle giant and be up close and personal can be easily achieved when you go to Oslob and hire a van service with Limoscanner’s help for a hassle-free trip. Make sure though to pack on the sunblock because summers in the Philippines especially near beaches and other bodies of water can be very unforgiving to the skin, but still worth the trip and sunburn.


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