Car Rental for Daily Use in Manila, Philippines

Car Rental for Daily Use in Manila, Philippines

It seems like the growing public transportation problem in Manila, Philippines is beyond repair. Several administrations have passed, and these problems remain the same. If anything, they have gotten worse. In as much as you want to save money by using public transportation, it comes with a lot of risk.

You want to buy your own car instead so you don’t have to stick with public transportation. The problem is you don’t have enough savings yet to pay for the down payment. Don’t despair. There is a perfect alternative for your transportation problems. We have here our Toyota Avanza for rental.


Hire a car rental service!

This is not necessarily an expensive option. Besides, it makes everything more comfortable for you. Going to your office and back to your home can now be done without hassle. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic as you can get a driver who knows his way around the metro. You just have to inform your destination and point of origin in advance so a faster route can be mapped out.

There is also a wrong notion that a car rental service is expensive. The truth is that there are a lot of transportation options available. You may choose different types of vehicles. You can have one with a driver or you can drive the vehicle yourself. We have a brand new Toyota Innova with driver for rent to any part of Luzon, Philippines.

Yes, it is costlier than using public transportation, but just try to compare the experience. With a private vehicle, you will just sit comfortably until you have reached your destination. You won’t be bothered by other passengers. You are in a closed vehicle and won’t have to worry about pollution. Using this Toyota Vios of ours, we assure you for a comfortable ride.

Using public transportation on the other hand is not just a less enjoyable experience, it may also cause problems. You might arrive to work late. You might also have to skip meals because you have already spent too much time on the road. By the time you have reached work, you are too tired to do anything. At 8 in the morning, it feels as if you have already spent your entire day at work.


Book your rental service now

The process is very easy. You just have to choose which vehicle you want to rent, the exclusive rental dates and if you need a driver. You will then be given price quotation. You can decide whether or not to close the deal based on the stated information.

Take note that gas and toll fees are not yet included in the quotation. It depends on how much oil was consumed or if you are passing through expressways. There are also a limited number of hours for drivers to work. If you have gone beyond 8-10 hours, you need to pay overtime fee. For out of town trips that require drivers, a separate fee will be charged.

If you are fine with all the terms and conditions, book the rental service now. Again, considering the comfort you will have from this trip, you won’t regret your decision. Besides, if you are renting on a daily basis, you might get a discounted price.

To book your car with a driver, contact us at


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