Enjoy Hong Kong and Nearby Cities with Trans-Island Limousine Services Limited

Enjoy Hong Kong and Nearby Cities with Trans-Island Limousine Services Limited

Hong Kong might be a small city but it has a lot to offer. There are tons of tourist destinations available for you. It is also home to some of the best restaurants in Asia. Therefore, if you want to spend a day or two in the city, it will be a great experience. We want to introduce one of our limo the Mercedes Benz S550.

Once you are done traveling Hong Kong, you can easily go to Macau to play casino. The city also offers a lot of exciting activities for you. It is also possible to travel to nearby provinces in mainland China. The only thing that you might be worried of is that border crossing might be a hassle. If you want hassle free we provide Cross Border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen City Service for 3 hours. You have to spend some time traveling going to the border and a few more minutes to reach the next destination after border control.

In part, this is true, especially if you are using public transportation. In some instances, you might even have to change vehicle or walk a distance just to get into the next vehicle. If you don’t want this trouble, you can just rent a limousine. If you want to hire bigger limo we have our Toyota Alphard that fits 7 people. This makes the entire trip comfortable. You have nothing to worry about as soon as your limo arrives. At the airport, you just have to wait at the exit and your chauffeur will be there for you. Once your chauffeur arrives, you can easily hop inside the limo and it will bring you to the hotel.

The next day, you can tour around Hong Kong and perhaps spend the next day or so in Macau or other Chinese provinces. Your limo service will be there for you in every step of the way. Regardless of the time it would take to reach the next destination, you won’t feel tired at all. Especially for a limo like our Bentley Spur Sedan Black.

There are a lot of limo service options available for you. There is enough leg room for you in a huge limo that you can even sleep during the ride. Before you know it, you have already arrived at your destination.


Make your reservations now

If it is your first time to travel in Hong Kong, you need to make it a memorable experience. Instead of being bothered by public transportation, you can choose a more comfortable option. Yes, you might have to spend a bit more for a limo service, but it is totally worth the cost. You have an English speaking chauffeur who knows exactly his way around Hong Kong. Here we offer Hong Car Rentals Service with an English Speaking Guide for 8 hours. You won’t have a problem when it comes to communication. You can also request for booze during the trip. Meals and beverages for kids are also available.

The only thing you need to do now is to call us and make reservations. You can ask for quotations first and we will immediately give them to you. Payments can be done using credit cards or electronic money. We also have cancellation policies that you might want to take note off. Again, with this limo service available for you, this upcoming trip to Hong Kong is something you will never forget.

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