Enjoy an Unforgettable Wedding in Hong Kong with Help from New Century Travel Service Limited

Enjoy an Unforgettable Wedding in Hong Kong with Help from New Century Travel Service Limited

Hong Kong is a perfect place to get married. There are a lot of wedding venues to choose from. There’s tons of stunning backdrops for the wedding that would look amazing in photos. It is also near other major cities in China just in case you wish to continue having fun with your closest friends elsewhere after the reception. We have our Cross Border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen City Service for 3 hours.

Without a doubt, Hong Kong is a great place for weddings. To make it even better, you can rent a limousine. You are already spending money to get married in this big city. Why not throw a bit more by renting a limo? We have our On-Hire Service for Wedding in Hong Kong for 3 Hours. If it makes you more comfortable on the day of your wedding, go ahead and try it.

Weddings can be stressful. You have to prepare yourself. You need to look good. The people around you have to be taken care of. The decorations must be perfect. The entourage must be complete. On top of all that, you need to travel to the wedding venue in a small sedan. Imagine wearing a huge dress while seated uncomfortably at the back of a car while trying to look fresh and presentable for your wedding. This is such a huge mess.


Choosing a limo rental service

At New Century Travel, we offer some of the best limo rental services available. We have a huge fleet of vehicles for you to choose from. One of those vehicles are Toyota Velfire that you may choose. We also make sure that our limos are well-maintained. We will also offer you a chauffeur who is knowledgeable about getting around traffic in Hong Kong. We also employ chauffeurs who speak English well. Therefore, communication won’t be an issue. We have also vehicles that can accomodate 5 to 6 Passengers our Mercedes Viano.

The good thing about our limo service is that you can choose from our vehicles depending on the number of passengers to be carried in it. You can rent a smaller limo if only you and your partner are using it. We have our luxury Mercedes Benz Sedan. However, if you intend to party after the wedding and go around the city with your friends, we have limousines that can fit in even up to 20 people. The choice is yours to make.

If you think you will spend a lot of money, you better call us now. We will help you by providing you with quotations based on your requests. Once you agree with the overall amount, you can make reservations right away. We accept online payments.


Enjoy your wedding

On the day of your wedding, the limo will be right at your service. Your chauffeur will be waiting for you outside your hotel to pick you up. You will also be brought to your wedding venue on time. During the ride, you can request for a bottle of champagne. This is not to make you drunk, but to just keep the jitters away. You can even sleep during the trip. As long as you feel comfortable and relaxed before your big wedding, it would be great. It is our job to ensure that you will have one less burden off your chest as you have been preparing hard.

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