Choose Amy Express for an Unforgettable Trip to Hong Kong

Choose Amy Express for an Unforgettable Trip to Hong Kong

You can do a lot of activities when you are in Hong Kong. There are places that are perfect for kids while some others are strictly for adults. Either way, you need to have comfortable ground transportation. Like our most request vehicle in our company Toyota Alphard.This is something Amy Express can provide. We guarantee you that by choosing us, this becomes a safe, unforgettable and convenient trip.

There are a lot of vehicles on our fleet for you to choose from. One of vehicles we would like to offer is our Audi A6l. You can rent compact sedans if you are riding alone. Here we are proud to introduce our Mercedes S Class Sedan. If you are in a bigger group, we offer a limo service. They come in different sizes, depending on the number of passengers. You don’t have to worry about the rate. You just have to choose the type of vehicle that you want to rent and let us know the itinerary. You will then be given quotations and eventually decide which of them would be suitable for you.


A complete package

When you rent our vehicle, you don’t just get the vehicle itself. For our limo package, you will have a chauffeur who speaks English well and knows his way around Hong Kong. We have a package for a Tour in Hong Kong wth an English Speaking guide for 8 hours. You are in safe hands with our experienced and high quality drivers. You will also have drinks and snacks available on the limo. For airport transfer service, the only thing you need to do is to wait outside the exit and find the sign bearing your name. We will then provide someone to assist you in placing your luggage on the vehicle. In short, you will feel convenience throughout this trip.

We also guarantee you that when it comes to maintenance, all our vehicles are well-maintained. We don’t allow them to hit the road if we can’t guarantee the safety of our passengers. It comes first above everything else.


Get rid of inconvenience

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to visit. You can check out fancy restaurants, casinos, theme parks, zoos and many others. We offer also a Hong Kong Tour for 4 hours to move around the city. Moving around the city would have been a lot easier using public transportation if only there are not so many passengers. For a small city like Hong Kong which is densely populated, getting a bus or taxi could be a huge problem.

This is why you just have to partner with us to get rid of these issues. Wherever you decide to go, your limo service is available right away. During the trip, you can just sleep and you will be transported to your next destination. At night, you can even go on a party with friends and drink as much as you can. Your chauffeur will safely drive you back to your hotel.

Considering everything that you will get in hiring a limo service, it is safe to say that it is the right choice for you. Even if you throw a few more dollars to get this service, you will not regret at all. You can call us now to make advance reservations. We promise you that you will appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong even more through our service.


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